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 Bill Cosby
-Events Center-Seneca-Niagara Casino-
Niagara Falls, NY 11-23-07
By Bob Silvestri

Iconic actor/comedian Bill Cosby brought his brand of folksy humor to a full house at the Events Center at The Seneca-Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, NY on November 23rd, 2007. Looking like your next door neighbor stopping over to visit, Mr. Cosby strolled on stage in a UMass sweat suit and sneakers and improvised a bit with the casino employee who came on stage to introduce him. In fact most of the evening's comedy seemed improvised with topical subjects as the previous days Thanksgiving with families, husband and wife dynamics and many funny references to casinos and Native Americans. Part of Cosby's appeal is that none of the jokes comes across as racist, demeaning or offensive to the people he skews. A valuable lesson to young comedians that you can be funny without being crude and vulgar. For close to two hours he regaled us with his observations, witticisms and homespun stories while seated in a leather chair, crawling on the floor or standing all while using his signature facial expressions for comedic effect. Occasionally he seemed to get side tracked with a story but would always find his way back to the main point he was conveying. To end the show he sat on the edge of the stage and asked two sisters and their elderly mother to come forward and asked the usual questions, where you from, are you having fun etc., before cracking some jokes at their expense and then asking the one sister for her cell phone and calling her somewhat surprised husband at home. He then asked them to play casino games with him for some hilarious benign fun. When he was done he waved to the crowd and casually strolled off stage like a neighbor heading back home. For more upcoming shows at the Seneca-Niagara Casino go to www.senecaniagaracasino.com

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