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Bass Reeves
-If You Ignore The Truth-
By Bob Silvestri

       Following a steeped tradition of artists who use their music to express their political, analytical and heart on their sleeve point of view (Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne and Bruce Cockburn come to mind) Bass Reeves has released a CD titled If You Ignore The Truth. The trick to this without alienating your audience is to drape your message in melody and rhythm as Reeves does. Tracks such as the title cut “If You Ignore The Truth” and “After The Battle” both accomplish this. “41 Cents”, “Livin’ In The Twilight”, “That’s How I Get” and the scorching “Laugherman” all have a bluesy sound to them. “In The Beginning Of The End” and “Joyful Blues” bear repeated listening as well. An amazing array of talent help Reeves, who handles lead vocals, on If You Ignore The Truth including Gary Mallaber (drums), Ken Kaufman (keyboards), Frank Grizanti (guitars), Jerry Livingston (bass), Dave Schiavone (sax) and Maria Sebastian and Linda Schriver on background vocals. For more on Bass Reeves go to www.bassreevesmusic.com

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