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-Audio Morphine-
By Bob Silvestri

To quote their press release, “Butterteat is a comedic music group from the Byron-Berger, NY area consisting of Justin Burger and Johnny Cummings” after that you are on your own since everyone’s opinion of “funny” is different. Conceived as a side project from the more serious music they make and a way to blow off some steam, the project took on a life of it’s own and turned into a full-blown CD titled Audio Morphine. Some of the tracks such as “The Porn Tune” and “Nod Rog Dew” travel the juvenile self indulgent-inside joke route and fall flat. Others such “The Gay Chipmunk”, “The Tree Song’ and the ten minute mini rock opera “Nougat” dealing with a trip to the store for a candy bar do provoke chuckles. The most laugh inducing track has got to be “Nipples 3” a rebuke of Rush singer/bassist Geddy Lee with the memorable lines “… Neil Peart would still be working at the Dairy Queen if not for me I’m Geddy Lee” and “Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson both agree if they could do it again they’d do it without me”. One consistent thing throughout the CD is the monster riffs and guitar solos. For more on Butterteat and their CD Audio Morphine check out their site at www.butterteat.com

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