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CD Review
 Alison Pipitone
"Shake It Around"
By Bob Silvestri

    To be brutally honest, most reviewers only review what is sent their way for free. However, after seeing a couple of Alison  Pipitoneís shows (most notably opening for Blue Rodeo at Thursday at The Square) I went out and bought this on my own. Not that I need to pat myself on the back for that, but I knew this would be money well spent, both as a consumer and for the artist.
     After trying to conform to the recording industry machine, Ms. Pipitone has decided to just follow her own muse, which turns out to be her incredible new release, Shake It Around. This collection of songs done in her own folk-rock style could very well be one of the best local or national release Iíve heard in 2000. Her confidence and tenacity come through with a sweet melancholy on such tracks as If Youíre Sleeping On A Train. She employs a slightly off kilter effect on her phrasing on the title track as her velvet voice combines just the right amount of sandpaper to catch your ear for a pleasant ride. Her fine group of musicians, Graham Howes (guitar), Aaron Trubic (bass), Ray Hangen (drums) and the stellar Doug Yeomans (guitar), fill in the spaces behind her vocals without ever becoming obtrusive. Actually, the restraint shown by all the musicians on all the tracks give this an understated yet very appealing sound.
    Without a doubt one of the best written, played, recorded and sounding CDs to come down the pipe in a while. Without beating a dead horse, next time skip the Top 40 junk and take a chance on some local talent. Youíll be glad you did. This and Ms. Pipitoneís other CDs can be found at Record Theater and other media outlets or on line at www.alisonpipitone.com

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