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CD Review
"Greenhouse Effect"
By Bob Silvestri

     Local band Greenhouse Effect has released a self titled ten track CD. The CD starts with the thick funky groove and Jeff Beck sounding guitar lines of “Awaken Me”. “Feel To Know” has a Pearl Jam like groove and vocal workout. Perhaps too much at times but never venturing into the dreaded Creed territory thank goodness. “Don’t Recall” has a great Duane Allman sound to the guitars and is an outstanding track. “Hang Up” is a rocker that features a riff similar to Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman”. “Hang Up” could have been a much better song without the lyrical profanities. “Lady Of Mine” starts with an acoustic guitar and vocal and quickly morphs into a mellow rock number with a memorable giddy up sound to the drums and bass. “Once In Awhile” is the CD’s best track. A Marshall Tucker Band sounding country/blues jam that seems best suited to the band. “Suicidal Cowboy” sounds like Bob Wills on acid and is a wisp of humor. “Undertow” is another good song that has a feeling of urgency to it with thick as a Porterhouse steak bass lines and heavy guitar riffing. 

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