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Tom Sartori
"Daddy’s Little Princess"
by Bob Silvestri

      Longtime and much liked Buffalo performer Tom Sartori has a new EP titled “Daddy’s Little Princess”. The six song CD consists of the title track, a live version and remix of the title song, the song “Freshman Fifteen” and original and remix versions of “Baby’s Angel”.
      The CD has an acoustic/ pop sound not unlike that of Barenaked Ladies. This is evident on the track “Daddy’s Little Princess” with its infectious refrain and horns bouncing along to the somewhat adult themed (though not offensive) lyrics. The CD did earn the dreaded “Parental Advisory” label however. 
      “Freshman Fifteen” is another horn driven acoustic rocker dealing with college life and young adult situations. “Baby Angels” (the best track on the disc) has a Dave Matthews/David Gray feel with nice soulful vocals from Sartori. The remix of “Baby’s Angels” adds saxophone to the mix to give it a different and more rounded sound than the original. While the live version of “Daddy’s Little Princess” works well, the Cher “Believe” style remix for “Daddy’s…” does not work, except maybe at dance clubs like Club Marcella. It seems radically out of context here.
        Helping out Sartori are, among others, Gary Mallaber who also produced, Jack Sherman and Maria Sebastian (all three from the band In From The Cold), Jerry Livingston, Tommy Z., Leeron Zydeco, Marquis Sayles, Greg Straka and Rob Sayles.
       The cover photo of model Vicki Bleem is a lecherous, chauvinistic male delight! Amen! For more on Tom Sartori check out his web site at www.tomsartori.com.

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