Concert Preview: TED NUGENT
Tuesday August 16th
Artpark: Lewiston, NY

     ALL HANDS ON DECK."Spirit of the Wild" is not only the name of TED NUGENT'S Top Rated Cable show on the Outdoor Channel; it's also the title of the last studio album featuring Vocalist/Guitarist DEREK ST. HOLMES in 1995.
     The Detroit born Blood Brothers shared in the success of the "Motor City Madman's" most flourishing era commercially beginning with the release of NUGENT'S 1975 self-titled solo debut;that would be followed by the Multi-Platinum Hard Rock epics "Free For All" & "Cat Scratch Fever"culminating with the 1978 "Double Live Gonzo" Album.
     As a Guitarist St. HOLMES is to NUGE what MIKE CAMPBELL is to the HEARTBREAKERS; beyond his rhythmic guitar contributionsSt. HOLMES also delivers the throaty soul to numerous NUGENT classics including "Stranglehold", "Hey Baby" & "Dog Eat Dog" to name just a few.
     The Rock Rapport got a sneak peak of the "I Still Believe" summer tour in Cleveland and the return of St. HOLMES to NUGENT'S touring troupe seems to be "Just what the Dr. Ordered" as NUGE & his Funk Brothers put on a performance worthy of a red carpet ride to the doors of the Hall of Fame on1100 Rock & Roll Blvd.
     NUGENT ever the outspoken Patriot has always been a Rocker by the People for the People. Hisstage is set with a daunting American Flag hanging loud & proud as a backdrop; scattered across the stage are upwards of twenty guitars, NUGENT'S weapon of choice during the summer months. There are only two seasons in the NUGENT household, summer were he sings for his super, while the rest of the year is spent hunting his supper.
     The tightest American R & B Rock Band in the land with the crunching Guitar slingers are flanked by the unbridled rhythm section that features Drummer "Wild" MICK BROWN a co-founding member of DOKKEN; delivering the Booming Bass Lines for theMotor City Madman since 2007 is GREG SMITH whose numerous touring credits include ALICE COOPER & RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW.
     The packed HOB crowd amped with anticipationerupted as the Band appeared through a cloud with the STONES "Street Fightin' Man" blaring over the house PA; UNCLE TED appeared donning his camouflage cowboy hat with St. HOLMES sporting his patented "Hats in theBelfry" Fedora.
The Band opened the hit laden set with "Free For All", theold school Detroit Rockers commenced fire with their synergetic double barrel attack.While a TED NUGENT show has always been a celebration of Kick Ass Rock & Roll Spirit never lacking in power or passion; the return of St. HOLMES has brought a new found vibrancy & enthusiasm to the classic catalog.
     In between licks & riffs the opinionated showman fired off expletives to the delight of the crowd, the spirited rocker is passionate about his Freedom and what this country should standfor; NUGE also sets his sights with unmitigated disdain for anyone who tries to stand in its way both Foreign & domestically.During the set NUGENT & company dedicated "Dog Eat Dog" to the brave troops who proudly protect us and the families who make sacrifices to secure our Freedom.
     UNCLE TED & the "I Still Believe" tour has Buffalo in its crosshairs as they make a stop this Tuesday August 16 that the splendorous Niagara Gorge in Art Park which serves as the perfect backdrop for the outdoor enthusiast. The scorching summer tour which began in June has been tearing through the States to rave reviews. These Veteran performers show no signs of slowing down; the new generation of Rock bandsshould take heed (Kings of Leon), at 63 NUGENT and his Band are firing off eight grueling gigs in row on this tour with only on day off, each show as rambunctious as the next.
     Note to all you fair-weather soft-ticket concert-goers who enjoy the Freedoms of such an event, it's your duty to sit tight after St. HOLMES & NUGENT belt out "Stranglehold". The Band returns to the stage for an electrifying encore of "Great White Buffalo" which culminates with a spine tingling tribute replicating a moment in this Great Nations history that should be shared by all in attendance. Not to mention you may not want to turn your back on the stage & head for the exits just yet as NUGE breaks out his cross-bow.
     Fans who can't make this celebration of the American Spirit of Rock & Soul can tune into HD Net this month as the "I Still Believe" HD Concert will air beginning Sunday August 14th.
     DEREK St. HOLMES will be back in the WNY area this fall performing with DEREK St. HOLMES & The QUEEN CITY ALL-STARS with Buffalo Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Michael Hund & his son Dylan who welcome very Special Guest HEADSTONES Drummer DALE HARRISON.
     St. HOLMES will be part of a Classic Rock Extravaganza that features FRAN & ANTHONY COSMO formerly of BOSTON & GARY CHERONE of EXTREME and formerly of VAN HALEN Fame with his latest solo project HURTSMILE on Saturday October 15th at the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster Outlets.
     St. HOLMES & THE Queen City All-Stars will also make a stop in Jamestown, NY on Friday October 14th at the Jamestown Savings Bank Arena Club. Ticket information can be found at
     The Rock Rapport would like to Thank Linda Peterson from the TED NUGENT Camp.
     Special Thanks to Gus Griesinger from Backstage Axxess for the superlative show photos. For more great interviews & reviews visit them @

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Hit List:

Free For All
Wango Tango
Just What The Doctor Ordered
Turn It Up
Dog Eat Dog
Hey Baby
Fred Bear
Motorcity Madhouse
Cat Scratch Fever
Great White Buffalo

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