by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

Sunday August 19, 2007
Bank of America Pavilion BOSTON, MA

The city of Boston, Massachusetts is a historical haven of monuments that exemplifies the revolution of American freedom.  One of those freedoms is music and BOSTON harbors some of Rock ‘n’ Rolls richest musical cultures proudly producing bands the likes of AEROSMITH, J.GEILS BAND, THE CARS, DROPKICK MURPHY’S and the band that carries the eponym of the fine city itself, BOSTON.
    The “Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” comprised of Bostonians BRADLEY DELP (vocals), BARRY GOUDREAU (Guitar), SIB HASHIAN (Drums), and FRAN SHEEHAN (Bass) would team up with OHIO native TOM SCHOLZ (Guitar) to rocket to the top of the charts in the late 1970’s.
The band would release its first record in 1976, the self-titled album ranks as the most successful debut in U.S. history selling over 17 million records, that mark still holds strong today. The second album “Don’t Look Back” was released in 1978 selling over 4 million copies that record would prove to be the last for the classic line-up.
    The immediate and enormous success of the first two albums along with constant struggles with record labels would fuel tensions within the band, this would eventually “Cool the Engines”  and disintegrate the dynamic arena Rock band.
    While several unsuccessful attempts have been made over the years to once again reach the stratosphere under the BOSTON name one thing that remained constant was the soaring voice of lead vocalist BRADLEY DELP.
While DELP arguably may have possessed the most prolific pipes in “Rock ‘n’ Roll” all he ever wanted to be was just another BEATLE fan out of
BOSTON.  DELP spent the better part of his career belting out BEATLES tunes in the BOSTON area with what he affectionately called his “hobby band” BEATLEJUICE.
His vehement voice and heavenly harmonies were suddenly and sadly silenced this past March as the Music industry lost one of its most benevolent brothers at the age of 55.  While his body of work may sooth some of the sorrow of this tragic loss for those left behind, it is our hope that he has finally found his “Piece of Mind”.
The LIGHTHOUSE Rock Report was privileged enough to partake in one of the most emotive celebrations of a man and his music we have ever witnessed.
    The “Come Together” tribute show would see
BOSTON’S finest Rock ‘n’ Rollers rally to share a “Party” to celebrate the life of BRADLEY DELP.
Ironically enough like most shows involving TOM SCHOLZ the concert was delayed briefly due to technical difficulties. Once it was under way ERINE and the AUTOMATICS took fans on a short but sweet ride.
    Next out would be BEATLEJUICE who gave an electrifying performance of BEATLE classics in honor of their fallen front man.

legends FARRENHEIT would be next up and wowed the crowd with a spirited set.  Led by guitarist/vocalist CHARLIE FARREN whose resume also includes opening for BOSTON’S
first ever tour as well as teaming up with AEROSMITH’S lead guitarist on the JOE PERRY PROJECT.  Check out his fine Rock ‘n’ Roll resume at (
    While this wasn’t a
BOSTON reunion one band that did unite for this special evening was EXTREME.  GARY CHERONE and NUNO BETTENCOURT got the “Funk Out” with a “Hole Hearted” set of fan favorites.  EXTREME would also debut a piano ballad which they had co-written with DELP the previous summer when he joined them for their reunion at the same venue.
    While most of the evening included many old friends they also welcomed in some new ones; GODSMACK took time from their busy tour schedule to join in the festivities.  The masters of metal stripped it down and performed an enamoring unplugged set of hits much to the delight of the baby boomer crowd.
    As dusk fell over the waterfront Pavilion it was time delve into the DELP catalog of songs.  RTZ was DELP’S post
BOSTON band and also included guitarist BARRY GOUDREAU, songwriting keyboardist BRIAN MAES, drummer DAVID STEFANELLI, and bassist TIM ARCHIBALD.
his was the most impassioned set of the evening as this was a group that personified the easy going love of making music together that DELP embodied.
    Last up would be the many incarnations of
BOSTON lead by guitar wizard TOM SCHOLZ.  While it was a treat to hear he classic catalog live once again it made you appreciate what DELP meant to that band and the songs.
    Stepping in for the bulk of the vocals was MICHAEL SWEET formerly of STRYPER.  Hats off to SWEET who did a commendable job under exceptionally difficult circumstances.
    One of the surprises of the night was when SCHOLZ invited fan Tommy DeCarlo, the
North Carolina native raised the roof with his vocal prowess.  The demure DELP would have relished this moment as his love of his fans is what inspired him most.
    The shows finale “Don’t Look Back”  featured almost all the members of
on stage both past and present.  Drummer SIB HASHIAN who participated with ERNIE and the AUTOMATICS and RTZ chose to sit this one out.
    The LIGHTHOUSE Rock Report had the privilege to speak with BOSTON/RTZ axeman
BARRY GOUDREAU ( His guitar intro on “Don’t Look Back” is still Smokin” the real Rock Radio airwaves some thirty years later.
    Ross CAT-
Thanks for your time Barry I know this has been a difficult few months; I realize BRAD wasn’t just a longtime band mate he was also a member of your family.
    Tell us about how this emotive event put together to celebrate the life BRADLEY DELP came together?
BARRY GOUDREAU-It’s really was spearheaded by BRAD’S talented daughter JENNIFER.  She’s a Graduate of the prestigious
University of Southern California Film School and now working in the industry; that really comes as no surprise as BRAD was the biggest movie buff you’d ever met.
    Part of the concert this evening will be a short film titled “The Rock Star I Call Dad” about BRAD and his life written and directed by JENNIFER.  It really is a moving tribute to a kind soul.

Ross CAT-
This show is sure to stir up an abundance of emotions from family, friends and fans, you happen to fall under all of those groupings, tell us your mindset going into the concert?
Well I think for myself and the bands I will be performing with we are looking at the show as really being a public service for BRAD.
    RTZ plans on debuting a couple of new songs, one of them written by RTZ keyboardist/songwriter BRIAN MAES called “Set the Songbird Free”.  This particular song really addresses our thoughts about BRAD’S life and death.

    Ross CAT-
This concert will be the first time that several members of the definitive
BOSTON line-up will take the stage together in over two decades.  What has the interaction been like between BOSTON members both past and present in preparing for the show?
The way it is actually going to work out is that bassist FRAN SHEEHAN and I will be joining TOM SCHOLZ and his current band along with past BOSTON members for the last song of the night “Don’t Look Back”..
    I know this performance has been kind of billed as a reunion of the original band but it isn’t.  We will be the performing the final song of the show together to honor BRAD but that’s really as far as it goes.

Ross CAT-
While this is a memorable event musically it’s unfortunate the circumstances that bring you back together.  It really is quite admirable that everyone has decided to “Come Together” and set aside their differences to celebrate the life of BRAD DELP.
That’s what everyone one is really trying to do is to keep the focus of the event on BRAD.  Unfortunately most of the pre-press for the show has been about the band reuniting which is not the case.  Obviously the circumstances surrounding his untimely death are a very private and painful matter.
    All parties involved would really like to get past the dramatics and devote the evening to BRAD whose kindness and passion reached far beyond his momentous musical contributions.

    Ross CAT-
That’s completely understandable, let’s do just that and talk about BRAD DELP the man.  He has been recognized by peers and fans as the “nicest guy in Rock ‘n’ Roll”, talk about what it was like being a band mate with
Everyone in the show are BRAD’S closest friends and comrades and all have stories as to what a kind, caring and giving soul he was.  All the wonderful words and stories that have been written and told since his death are true. He was always the last to leave a show, signing autographs and taking pictures sincerely connecting with fans.
    More then anything else BRAD was a remarkable human being, he gave his all in everything he did, and left an indelible mark in every life he touched.

    Ross CAT-
Although the nucleus of
BOSTON split following the second album you and BRAD continued to make music together right up until his death in March.
    Tell us about the most successful of those post
BOSTON collaborations RTZ (RETURN TO ZERO), whose debut album charted and saw the band take to the road once again?
Yeah the debut album was released in 1991 and really had some legs as we hit the road.  We just didn’t feel that that label was giving it the proper support so we put the project to rest at that point.
    Ross CAT-
Thankfully there where plenty of unreleased tracks that finally saw the light of day in the past few years titled “Lost in America” and “Found in America”, both are well worth a listen and available at CD BABY (
BARRY GOUDREAU-Thanks we are all really proud of those songs.  We actually recorded them right in my home studio.  One was recorded before the official release and one after.
    BRAD really was a special talent musically and it reached far beyond his extraordinary voice.  I would lay down the music and he would just walk into the studio with the lyrics he had written for it and just blow me away.
    After all we had been through with BOSTON and record labels RTZ gave us all the freedom to express ourselves artistically without any boundaries and I think we all thrived in that environment.

    Ross CAT-
Lastly BARRY, since there will be so many fans that won’t be able to attend the show tell us about the foundations that both you and BRAD have dedicated your time and talent to?
BRAD’S two children JENNIFER and JOHN MICHAEL, along with his former wife MICKI, who has also been instrumental in putting together the tribute, have organized the BRAD DELP FOUNDATION (
    BRAD’S generosity spanned over so many social causes this foundation focuses on giving back to the music community by helping fund schools and libraries with Grants and Scholarships.  Also involved are SUZANNE HASHIAN, BRIAN MAES (RTZ), and BRAD’S dear friend BILL FAULKNER.
    Another foundation I’m involved with in helping young people find music is called “MUSIC DRIVES US” set up by ERNIE BOCK, JR. of  ERNIE and the AUTOMATICS (  That band also includes me and SIB HABHIAN, TIM ARCHIBALD, and BRIAN MAES.
The LIGHTHOUSE Rock Report would like to thank BARRY GOUDREAU for sharing his time with us during such a grievous time.


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