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Friday November 10th---8pm
Saturday November 11th—7pm and 9:30pm 
    HEALTHY SENSE OF HUMOR…..Comedian ROBERT SCHIMMEL is known to many as the funny guy with the risqué sense of humor who made his mark on the RODNEY DANGERFIELD HBO Comedy Special back in 1986. Since then he has not only perfected his stand-up act he has excelled in the many different phases of comedy. He was a staff writer for the hit comedy show “In Living Color”, which helped catapult the careers of JIM CARREY and the WAYON’S brothers. SCHIMMEL also has appeared on the big screen in Scary Movie 2, Low Down Dirty Shame, and Blankman. He is a favorite guest of the “King of all Media”, HOWARD STERN; where he and the shock jock have no limits to their candid conversations especially over the SIRIUS Satellite airwaves.
    While one would think that the biggest challenge facing a comic would be the unforgiving stand-up circuit or the faceless hecklers in the crowd; those obstacles pale in comparison to what life has thrown the Bronx born comedian.
    As the late night comics continue to fatten up on the feeding frenzy that the daily news offers, SCHIMMEL has taken his misfortunes in life and turned them into an act that will leave you in stitches, and believe me ROBERT SCHIMMEL knows all about stitches. He is not only a Lymphoma cancer survivor; he has also had to cope with the loss of a son DEREK to the destructive disease. The comic has also suffered a heart attack, not to mention a messy divorce, followed by a new wife which includes a second tour of duty in fatherhood.  SCHIMMEL will tell you “not necessarily in that order, and I’m still not quite sure which was the most painful”.
    NIGHTLIFE had the pleasure to speak with the jocular jokester as he is getting set to make a visit to the SENECA NIAGARA CASINO this weekend. SCHIMMEL will be sharing his life’s most intimate details, whether you want him to or not, in the intimacy of the BEARS DEN Showroom for three shows.

  R. CAT.- Thanks ROBERT for sharing a few moments with us. I see that you have a full tour schedule through the next few months, I hope that means all is well on the health front?

  R.S.- Yeah actually I’m feeling really really good, thanks for asking, I consider myself a very lucky guy. I’m excited to get out on the road it’s been quite sometime since I was in Buffalo. I believe I was their last with a group of comics at the Shea’s Theater some years ago.

  R.CAT- Like DANGERFIELD and sometimes STERN; you’ve developed a style that entails creating material from within your own personal circle as opposed to targeting others mishaps. Has that always been the method to your madness?

  R.S.- That’s something that I’ve always done, my self-deprecating sense of humor allows me to take things to the limit. To me that’s the easiest way to get away with the sometimes sensitive topics of humor that I delve into. Making fun of myself allows me to connect with my audience on a personal level. I talk about a lot of things that people might think about but won’t necessarily converse about.

  R.CAT.- How well does your act go over at the dinner table within the family gatherings during the holidays? It seems no one in your circle of trust is exempt from your humorous candor including your parents, children, and wives.

  R.S.- It most certainly didn’t go over very well in the beginning. During our divorce my ex-wife and daughter JESSICA where hearing things live for the first time on the STERN show, needless to say that was very strange for all of us. But it was all real in the way it was coming out over the air, the honesty is what makes the humor work.

  R.CAT- With all that has happened in your life both the good and bad; has bearing your soul on stage been a form of therapy for you during those trying times?

  R.S.- Most definitely, the obvious thing is that it keeps me focused on work as I’m able to implement what’s going on in my life with my act. More importantly,  I’ve come to realize I can help people who might be going through chemotherapy or a bad divorce. I’m not a therapist by any means; but knowing someone else has gone through hell and back and our still standing to joke about it might makes someone else’s road less hard to travel.

  R.CAT- Your website is naturally full of funny content, but you also address your battle with cancer as well as several informative sites about the deadly disease. Since Western New York boasts one of the foremost cancer research facilities in the world at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (, tell us about your Comedy Library for cancer patients?

  R.S.- When I was going through my battle I listened to a lot of comedy CD’s. It literally made me laugh while I was getting treatment, so I started sharing that with others. I started to donate comedy CD’s and movies to the Mayo Clinic it really started to take off. I actually get donation from fans at my shows wanting to share the laughter. It really is something to receive letters from people telling me how it helped them cope. I really do believe it is a healthy thing for people. I by no means think that comedy is a cure but it certainly can be a great comfort.

    Visit the aforementioned site for information about donating to the library as well as purchasing some of ROBERT SCHIMMEL’S comedy catalog. Also available is the DVD “Unprotected” which is side splitting. The current tour is also going to be part of his next HBO Special.
    NIGHTLIFE would like to thank ROBERT SCHIMMEL for sharing some time with us as well as Jason Porter for making it happen.

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