by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

Concert Preview: RINGO STARR Press Conference
FallsView Casino & Resort
Wednesday June 23rd

     STARR’S ALIGNED….. While the City of Toronto prepared for a gathering of World Leaders at the G20 Summit this past weekend; one has to wonder if it’s Coincidence or Fate that just an hour down the QEW in Niagara Falls, Ontario one of the World’s most recognizable advocates of Peace was hosting his own Love Fest.
Inside the FallsView Casino the incomparable Mr. RINGO STARR would be holding court sharing his sharp wit & spry smile with the Media Masses; needless to say his sense of Humor & Good Will toward Humanity was absolutely infectious.
     It’s hard to fathom that
RINGO STARR will celebrate his 70th Birthday in just a few weeks as the 1988 Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee & Fab Four Alum is as timeless as the music he helped create.
     Considered Rock Royalty by Fans & Peers alike the Living Legend & his Band of All-Stars spent the afternoon at the
FallsView Casino & Resort previewing their upcoming 11th  RINGO STARR All-Star Band Tour.  The tour kicked off the following evening with the first of two sold out shows inside the splendorous Falls View Events Centre.
     This is the second time that
RINGO & his All-Stars have used the Falls as a backdrop to kick off their tour; they spent two weeks in 2008 rehearsing & opening with shows inside the luxurious confines of the FallsView Casino.  Fans that missed that Tour can look forward to the DVD release on July 27th.
     When asked why they returned
STARR replied; We’ll who wouldn’t like waking up and looking out their window each morning & seeing the Falls, it’s really incredible.
     Every single staff member at the FallsView Casino have made us all feel so comfortable here, the venue here is absolutely wonderful.
     It really helps to have continuity when bringing together World Class Musicians that have to step away from their own musical endeavors and put together this All-Star show, I like to refer to us as the 1-800-Band of Hits.
     As far as I’m concerned I don’t see any reason not to kick off the tour here every other Year, as long as I can hold these sticks in my hands I’ll
be out on the road with my Friends
     STARR rolls out his 11th ALL-STAR Tour with repeat offenders EDGAR WINTER, GARY WRIGHT & Dynamic Drummer GREGG BISSONETTE who will welcome newcomers RICK DERRINGER, WALLY PALMAR (Romantics) & RICHARD PAGE (Mr. Mister) into the fold.
     The Press was treated to a Ten Minute Private Concert Preview starting with teasers from the Ring Master himself performing a song from his new Record Y NottitledThe Other Side of Liverpool;
STARR followed that by jumping behind the kit for the BEATLES classic cut Boys from the Please Please Mealbum released in 1963.
     Following the maestro would be WALLY PALMAR performingWhat I Like About You; next up would be the ever enthusiastic EDGAR WINTER taking us on a Free Ride, followed by former Edgar Winter Group Band mate RICK DERRINGER for a rousing rendition of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hoochie Koo.  All-Star Bassist RICHARD PAGE showed his vocal chops with Mr. Mister’s hit Take These Broken Wings& Mr. Dream Weaver” GARY WRIGHT performedMy Love is Alive”.
The mini-set commenced with the Master of Ceremonies stepping up to the mic once again to lead the All-Stars & the fortunate few in the house to a sing along to With A Little Help From My Friends
     2010 continues to be a full on Celebration for the Bona fide Rock STARR born Rickard Starkey, father of current WHO Drummer ZAK STARKEY.  The Party began in January with the release of his latest solo effort Y Notwhich has received rave reviews from Fans & Critics Worldwide.
     With his place amongst Rock Royalty long ago cemented in the annals of Musical History with the BEATLES, it was literally cemented this past February into the sidewalk on North Vine Street as he received his long overdue
STARR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
RINGO’S last two releases  2008’s Liverpool 8 & his brand new releaseY Notare filled with musical relevance & the passionate message of PEACE & LOVE that the Iconic performer has practiced & preached for nearly half a Century.
     “Y Not
STARR not only behind the Drums but also behind the glass as for the very first time in his illustrious career he produced each track himself.
     Like his touring All-Stars
RINGO surrounded himself with the same caliber of Musicians in the studio for theY Not record highlighted by contributions by some of Music’s Elite.
     Of the many contributions on the record the most notable comes from former BEATLE Band mate PAUL McCARTNEY, Sir PAUL chimes in vocally on the stirring song about long lasting Friendship,Walk With You; he also booms in on Bass Guitar driving the track Peace Dreamcomplete with a JOHN LENNON reference.
     When asked about working with McCARTNEY again STARR stated; We actually played live together in New York last year so we do bump into each other quite a bit; it’s not like we haven’t worked together since the BEATLES we’ve played on each other records over the years.
     I had the song “Peace Dream” which I purposely wanted him to play Bass because he’s the finest player I’ve ever played with.  While he was in L.A. for the Grammy’s I played him the track and he agreed to join in with us.  It’s always good when we get together musically because we know each other so well.
   Not to be outdone by the BEATLE Magic also joining in on the record is: JOE WALSH (Eagles) who by the way just recently became STARR’S brother-in-law, DAVE STEWART (
Eurythmics), BENMONT TENCH (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) & RICHARD MARX.
RINGO hits the road this week the STARR-studded celebration will reach a pinnacle on July 7th for his 70th Birthday with his All-Star Band mates at Radio City Music Hall in New York City were there is sure to be a Variety of guests to join in on the Extravaganza.
     Be sure to visit for all the Special Events in store as RINGO’S STARR continues to shine brighter then ever.
     Fans that couldn’t make the show at the
FallsView Casino this past weekend can make the short trek down the thruway to the Constellation Brands Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center,  RINGO & the All-Stars will be performing their Jukebox of Hits on Wednesday July 21st.
     Visit for a listing of their amazing summer line-up.
Rock Rapport would like to THANK Elaine Christenson of the FallsView Casino as well as Elizabeth Freund of Beautiful Day Media.  We would also like to Thank our colleagues at Back Stage Axxess for the photo contributions.
     Be sure to visit for a list of upcoming shows at their Beautiful Events Centre.

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