Concert Summary: REO SPEEDWAGON
Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena
Jamestown, NY

     ROLL WITH THE CHANGES…..Established in 1967 in Illinois REO SPEEDWAGON has been “Blazing’ Their Own Trail” ever since.
     With sixteen studio albums to their credit, including the 2007 release “
Finding Your Own Way Home”, the Band “Keeps on Rollin” with the same pride & purpose they displayed on the Club circuit in
Champaign, IL some forty-three years ago.
     This year the Band is celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of their landmark Album Hi-Infidelity.
     REO sold over nine million records that year, unleashing six songs from the vintage vinyl into the Billboard Top 40; including their #1 Ballad “Keep On Loving You”; which to this day fills Arenas with the scent of butane to the delight of the swaying music masses.
    This night in Jamestown, NY would be no different as the band came out swinging with four consecutive classic cuts from
Hi-Infidelity bringing the close to capacity crowd to their feet as they reminiscently Rocked the House to the hit laden set.
     Lead by their quintessential crooner
KEVIN CRONIN, who despite turning 59 this week showed no signs of slowing down as he belted out the Power Anthems & Ballads with the same vocal vigor that brought  REO SPEEDWAGON to the top of the charts throughout the nineteen eighties.
     While the Band has survived several line-up changes throughout their early years; this current Rock & Roll Roster is World Class featuring founding member
NEAL DOUGHTY on keyboards, accomplished Guitarist
DAVE AMATO, who joined the Band in 1989 & Dynamic Drummer BRYAN HITT, who signed on the following year.
     As the set drew to a close Bassist
HALL; who joined REO during the recording of the 1977 Album “You Can Tune a Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish”, which to this days stands as one of the best Album titles and covers of all time, sang “Back On The Road” from the “Nine Lives” Record.
     The Bands encore propelled the
Jamestown Savings Bank Arena crowd into frenzy as the Classic Rock Cougars rose to the rafters upon the shoulders of the gentleman suitors. With several hits left in their arsenal and a promise of another visit down the road; REO SPEEDWAGON sent the satisfied crowd into a crescendo of cheers closing out the show with a thunderous rendition of “Riding the Storm Out”.

Set List: Don’t let Him Go
  Keep On Loving’ You
  In Your Letter
  Take It on the Run
  Keep Pushing’
  Golden Country
  Can’t Fight
  That Ain’t Love
  Poor Man
  Luv Sick (Acoustic)
  Unfinished Poem (Acoustic)
  Time for Me to Fly
  Back On the Road
  Roll With the Changes
  Riding’ the Storm Out

     Opening Act The TYLER BRYANT Band out of Nashville, Tennessee was personally introduced by KEVIN CRONIN and set the tone for an evening of throw down Rock & Roll.
     Lucille Ball & Natalie Merchant are no longer the only claim to fame that this tight-knit community in the picturesque Southern Tier have bragging rights to; it’s also the home of the
Jamestown Savings Bank Arena, the place to go for an Arena Concert Experience with the intimate aura of a Club or Theater.
Rock Rapport would like to THANK Mike Ferguson & Matt Hanson along with the professional & courteous staff at the JSBIA.
     Be sure to visit their website @ for upcoming Jamestown Jets Home Hockey Games, Concerts & Events; JSBIA located just twenty-five minutes off the Dunkirk/Fredonia Thruway Exit.

********************* PEACE & Harmonies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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