by Ross CAT

By Ross Cat.

    COOL CAT….. As time roars by like a runaway locomotive music stands as a bookmark to the chapters of our lives.  One outlet that embraces “Living in the Past” is rock radio.  Buffalo’s 97 ROCK has been a channel to that great escape we call music, and this year marks their 30th Anniversary on the air.  To help commemorate this momentous event 97 ROCK presents one of rock and rolls musical visionaries JETHRO TULL to the UNIVERSITY of BUFFALO, Center for the Performing Arts this Tuesday, November 22nd. 
TULL has been an artistic force since it’s inception in 1968, responsible for a musical metamorphosis that is unmatched to this day. Originally a blues-based band, TULL’S fusion of musical styles assembled with non-conventional rock instruments has created a sound that defies classification Lead by vocalist and flute phenomenon IAN ANDERSON, the members of the band are all accomplished musicians. Guitarist MARTIN BARRE, drummer DOANE PERRY, and bassist JONATHAN NOYCE have demonstrated a genius for combining their talents as musicians to create the complicated arrangements that comprise the epic TULL tales. 
    The band is in the midst of a full- scale tour that began this past summer and runs into the new year.  One of the highlights of the tour will be a stop in EUROPE in mid December, as TULL will be joined by the NEUE PHILHARMONIE FRANKFURT for three orchestral shows. Western New Yorkers need not fret as you too can enjoy this amazing concert available now on DVD titled: IAN ANDERSON: Plays the Orchestral JETHRO TULL. 
    NIGHTLIFE had the amazing privilege to speak with IAN ANDERSON about the upcoming tour and what the future holds for himself and JETHRO TULL. For an in-depth history of TULL check out the bands website @ R.Cat- Thank you for not overlooking Buffalo on your current tour we sometimes get lost in the shuffle. I see everyone who attends the show will receive a special edition “Aqualung” CD. Tell us about that cool perk? 

  IAN- That’s right. Everyone who has a ticket to the show will get a copy of “Aqualung Live” which was recorded last November in Washington. It is available in limited release in EUROPE and all proceeds will be donated to various homeless organizations. With all the recent catastrophes due to the weather this past year the word homeless has taken on a whole new meaning. So we are trying to help as much as we can through our music.

  R.Cat- The newest DVD you have out is really an amazing performance featuring a full orchestra. Also the interview with you in your studio was very interesting. Do you find an appreciation from TULL fans when you change the presentation of the classics like “Skating Away” and “Locomotive Breath”? 

  IAN- When I do live shows I really try to have a mixture of both things. I can appreciate the nostalgia that the fans have for the music. I enjoy helping them recreate the history the songs may have for them.  But we also sometimes will add and subtract different arrangements for the songs to keep things fresh it all depends on the nature of the song. 

  R.Cat- With such a vast catalog of music to choose from how do you determine what will be played in a set?

  IAN-When it comes to putting together a set list for a particular city my first golden rule is what did we play last time, this time around we better make it eighty percent different. We really try to visit all the musical styles and eras from TULL, which I think is the best way to approach it. 

  R.Cat- Being a gifted multi-instrumentalist mastering the flute and various types of guitars how does the creative process of making new music begin for you, and with what instrument?

  IAN- I’ve really tried to make it different every time, music isn’t like a production line so I have that luxury.  Sometimes it will be the guitar or mandolin other times it will be the flute, and then there are times I’ll have the lyrics or a title written for a piece. I’m happy to say there are a lot of approaches to making music and I enjoy exploring them all.

  R.Cat-  Do you think the cross-section of music and non-conventional instruments within TULL have helped to expose rock fans to appreciate other music genres?

  IAN- Yes, I’d like to think so, I‘m not here to preach to people or attempt to educate anyone. I do get the feeling that folks may go home after a show and wonder about instrumentation and musical styles that perhaps they wouldn’t of thought of otherwise.  It certainly is a part of it, anything that serves, as an antidote to the mind-boggling boring uniformity of MTV has to be considered a positive thing. There just seems to be a lack of inventiveness and exploratory work being done in contemporary music. 

  R.Cat- Speaking of new music what does the new year bring for yourself and JETHRO TULL?

  IAN- We’ve set aside a large chunk of time following this tour in the spring to record a new album. It has been difficult. We continue to get offers to tour, along with putting together the last two DVD’s, “Living with the Past”, and the most recent release have been really time consuming. I have quite a lot of music that is in the conceptual stages so following the tour we’ll let the ideas grow organically and go from there. 

    NIGHTLIFE would like to thank IAN ANDERSON for taking time out for us as well as hometown girl ANNE LEIGHTON for putting this together. Check out her website @
    PURPLE HEART POUNDING….. Rock and Roll road warriors DEEP PURPLE have a brand new album out this past month called “Rapture of the Deep”. The “Highway Stars” have managed to find time to put together a brilliant collection of eleven new songs full of passion and jest. The albums first track “Money Talks” opens with a raucous riff from guitarist Steve Morse backed by a ballsy beat from bassist Roger Glover and drummer Ian Paice. The added element that has always set PURPLE apart from their classic rock peers has been the haunting keyboards of  Don Airey which shines on through on track two “Girls Like That”. Prototypical front man Ian Gillan shows no signs of slowing down despite his numerous nights of tonsil tearing vocals. Other stand out tracks on the disc includes “Wrong Man”, “MTV” a cheeky stab at modern music, and the velvety allure of “Clearly Quite Absurd”.
    This is a must record for any DEEP PURPLE fan and a treat for any supporter of dignified rock and roll. The band certainly is no strangers to the road and will be heading out in January touring EUROPE through March. Look for PURPLE to be knocking on our back door this summer. Check out the bands website @ you will also find an excellent song by song review by Buffalo News writer Jeff Miers.

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