by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT


Friday February 22nd

     PLENTY OF POP IN THE CORK….“OOWATANITE” it will be this Friday Night as the BACK II BACK Entertainment Group ( welcomes consummate CANADIAN Rock and Rollers APRIL WINE to CLUB PARADISE.
     The celebrated classic Rockers have been the toast of CANADIAN music for nearly forty years.  They also spent the better part of the 1980’s spilling over to the U.S. Billboard Charts on the strength of their vintage vinyl hits
“Roller”, “I Like To Rock”, “Sign of the Gypsy Queen” and the bewitching ballad Just Between You and Me”.
While APRIL WINE could have just chilled out and enjoyed the fruits of their success from their copious collection of timeless tracks singer/ songwriter/producer MYLES GOODWYN and company continue to get better with age.
     The band released a fine selection of eight new songs in 2006 titled “
Roughly Speaking; while short and sweet the tracks flow nicely across a gamut of musical styles from the Blues to the Classic Rock sound that APRIL WINE helped harvest.
ROCK RAPPORT had the chance to “Say Hello” to founding member and principal songwriter MYLES GOODWYN as the band gets set for Back II Back” shows here in Blasdell at CLUB PARADISE on Friday with a return engagement at HEALEY’S ( in TORONTO on Saturday.
     Ross CAT- Great to speak with you
MYLES thanks so much for the vine.
MYLES- My pleasure we are looking forward to our visit with our neighbors from the north, we’ve always appreciated the support we’ve gotten from the
Western New York area over the years.
Ross CAT-I’ve received many inquires from readers about the current APRIL WINE line-up which includes yourself a founding member; tell us who will be taking the stage with you this Friday Night at CLUB PARADISE?
     MYLES- I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to play with so many great musicians in the almost forty years since we’ve pulled this thing off the shelf back in 1969.
     Although the band went through some changes early on drummer JERRY MURCER and guitarist BRIAN GREENWAY have been with the band for over thirty years
     We’ve recently added some fine talent to the APRIL WINE team as bassist BREEN LeBOEUF joined this past year.
     Ross CAT- Like so many of the vintage APRIL WINE classic songs, you’ve once again written all the tracks for the bands most recent release “Roughly Speaking” with the exception of, ironically enough “NIGHTLIFE”.  Tell us about that track?
     MYLES-Funny you should ask, no one is really sure who wrote that song, it’s been credited to a few different artists, I was told it should be credited to the great WILLIE NELSON so that’s how that came about.  I believe ERIC CLAPTON most recently covered the song as well.
      I’ve enjoyed singing that particular song for years, the first version I was ever aware of was from the LOVIN’ SPOONFUL in the late sixties.  While I didn’t write the song I’ve used my own lyrics within the structure of the song, I just thought it fit well with
what we were striving for in the “Roughly Speaking” sessions
     Roughly Speaking
it really is a unique collection of songs in the fact that it was recorded in what might be considered today an antique style of making music.                 MYLES- On this particular record we decided to go back to a recording format that I’ve used for many years which is analog, using two inch twenty–four track recording.
     We decided to record this without all the bells and whistles that the digital age offers.  Pro-tools are a useful device when used in a proper manner; I prefer not to tamper with the organic style of making music. There really is nothing like listening to a pristine vinyl recording, it truly enriches the song.
     Personally I  prefer to use analog as far as recording technique goes; I have several projects in the works through UNIVERSAL CANADA both with APRIL WINE and as a solo artist and intend on using the same approach.

     Ross CAT- You’re songwriting prowess is legendary as you where awarded the EAST COAST MUSIC AWARDS Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 tell us about what that honor meant to you.
     MYLES- It’s something you don’t really think about in terms of creating music, I still feel that I’m moving forward as an artist so it really doesn’t allow you too much time to look back.
      I will say that I’m extremely proud of this band and its accomplishments including its longevity; it is truly an honor that lyrically our music has been recognized by others in the industry.

     Ross CAT- Sounds like 2008 is going to be an exhilarating time for yourself and the band, could you ever have imagined this almost forty years after you began your distinguished career?
     MYLES- In all honesty music isn’t just what I do it’s who I’ am.  I’ve tried to slow things down in the past, played a little golf, kind of dabbled in the semi- retirement thing; it’s just not for me.
     As a songwriter creativity is just a constant after a while.  The two most important things to me are what drive me every day and
that’s my family and music.
     Ross CAT- Speaking of family for those that aren’t aware you have a son who suffers from JUVENILE DIABETES, you’ve been a huge proponent in helping find a cure through your status in the music industry, how is you’re son doing?
     MYLES- Thank you for asking, today isn’t such a great day, but he’s a fighter, more then anything else he’s an inspiration to me.
     My family, the band, and so many of our friends both inside and outside the music community have been tremendous in their support for this cause.
      I truly feel that we can find a cure within his lifetime and I hope I’m still here to share in that joy with him.

Ross CAT- We certainly hope so as well, anyone interested in finding out more information about JUVENILE DIABETES and how you can help please go to (
     Ross CAT- Lets talk about the new music that your currently working on, I heard through the grapevine that you have a taste for the blues and are looking to cleanse your palate?
MYLES- What do you know a rumor that’s true, I’m actually half way through the first of two blues albums I’ve been recording.  It’s called MYLES GOODWYN & FRIENDS OF THE BLUES; I’ve been working with a slew of unbelievably talented musicians from both
CANADA and the U.S. on these records and it’s been a blast.
      I went into my record collection and couldn’t believe how many blues albums I had worn out back in the day, guys like B.B. KING, HOWLIN’ WOLF, TAJ MAHAL.  I spent a year delving back into my blues catalog; it really inspired me to let my creative juices flow in a different direction.
     It’s been a stimulating experience to collaborate with the likes of RICK DERRINGER, DAVID WILCOX, FRANK MARINO, KENNY “BLUESBOSS” WAYNE, AMOS GARRETT, to name just a few.  There are far too many amazing players to name each one individually, all I can say is I feel blessed that all of these supremely talented musicians involved didn’t hesitate for a second when asked to participate.

Ross CAT- Lastly tell us about what’s in store in 2008 for APRIL WINE?
MYLES- We have another really interesting undertaking in the works with UNIVERSAL MUSIC
CANADA for APRIL WINE.  It’s a three disc deal; all the recordings will be part of a series called the “VILE SERIES”.
     I know that sounds kind of well “Vile” we think we’ve put together a cool and cleaver concept in releasing some new material.  The plan is to record everything on 8-track that will include cover songs,  re-issues of our own songs and some new material.
     The idea is take fans into the APRIL WINE cellar, sort of like a garage band jam session and just let it fly.  We have so many great ideas from the music to the packaging; we are hoping that fans will appreciate sharing some atypical moments with the band.

     The ROCK RAPPORT would like to thank MYLES GOODWYN for taking time out for us.  Be sure to check out the bands website (, for news about the upcoming new releases and tour dates.
     Be sure to tune into 97 Rock this Thursday morning for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show as LARRY NORTON and the morning team chat with

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