by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

Kimberely DahmeRock & Soul Christmas Concert
Interview:  KIMBERLEY DAHME (BOSTON Bassist, Vocals)
INFINITY -Transit Road, Clarence NY
Saturday December 19th 2009

     WELCOME TO THE LOCKER ROOMÖ..In 2001 TOM SCHOLZ & GARY PIHL of BOSTON set out to remedy vacancies in the rhythm section as they planned to tour to support the ďCooperate AmericaĒ album.
     They roamed into the Sit ĎNí Bull Pub in Maynard, Mass. to see Buffalo Native & Dynamic Musician/Producer TOM HAMBRIDGE looking for a drummer dude when they stumbled upon one Ms. KIMBERLEY DAHME who happened to be playing acoustic guitar
with Hambridge.
had ď
More Than a FeelinĒ after witnessing the stage presence & vocal prowess of the multi-talented enchantress who was on the cusp of branching out on her own successful solo career.
     The only women to ever grace the band BOSTON, DAHME has written, recorded & toured with the band since 2001.  While that may seem like a full schedule in itself the single mother of two has managed to record five more solo records in the interim and shows no signs of slowing down in 2010 both with BOSTON & on the solo front.
Kimberely Dahme - Can't A Girl Change Her Mind     Her most recent release ď
You Make Me BelieveĒ finds her penning her most poignant songs to date.  The record was released in Europe in October to rave reviews worldwide under the title ďCanít a Girl Change Her MindĒ the opening track on the eleven song disc.
Rock Rapport had the pleasure of talking with KIMBERLEY from her home in Nashville about her visit to INFINITY this Saturday Night as part of the Rock Ďní Soul Christmas Show sharing the bill with Rochester Rockers D:DRIVE.


Ross CAT - Hello KIMBERLEY Thanks so much for taking time out for the Rock Rapport, the 90 Express Road Show is looking forward to bringing you to INFINITY this weekend.

KIMBERLEY - Thank you it will be exciting to be in Buffalo again during the Holiday Season, I think my last winter visit was with HAMBRIDGE and it was cold & snowy.

Kimberely Dahme - You Make Me BelieveRoss CAT - Congratulations on the success of your latest solo release ďYou Make Me BelieveĒ an awe-inspiring collection of songs wrapped around your velvety voice.

KIMBERLEY - Thatís really kind of you to say.  This has been an exciting time for me professionally I have a few different projects Iím working on right now.
     Iím working on another acoustic album this will be my first since the ďBerlin UnpluggedĒ record in 2000 which spawned the song ďWith YouĒ.
    Iím also really looking forward to doing a Rock Oriented Trio kind of thing something in the spirit of CREAM, Iím ready to kick things up a notch on a Rock record.

Ross CAT - Lets talk about the musical diversity immersed in the veritable lyrics.
     Tell us about the title track ďYou Make Me BelieveĒ, which includes a little help from BOSTON bandmates GARY PIHL & JEFF NEAL.

KIMBERLEY - It was some pretty tough going for a little while in my life and it was family, friends & fans that really gave me hope & the support to move forward; I began to realize that you should count your blessings in life.
     This album was a catharsis for me and particular song was a message to all those who supported me thorough those dark times.
     GARY & JEFF
were a huge part of this record they contribute on a number of tracks.

Ross CAT - Tell us about the song ďThe Only ManĒ sounds like that hits close to home being a single Mother of two in a ďRock Ďní Roll BandĒ?

KIMBERLEY - Like most of the songs on this record it was about reflection, healing & moving forward.  Iíve been blessed in so many ways most importantly with two wonderful children that Iím extremely thankful for every moment of the day.
     After writing that song it took me a couple of years to be able to sing it without breaking down.  Being an emotional person I feel so fortunate to be able to express my feelings through music, hopefully it touches others.
     Everything I write is from the heart I have no problem being brutally honest thatís the only way I know how to be in every facet of my life.

Kimberely DahmeRoss CAT - This album crosses over a spectrum of musical elements; Country, Rock, Pop & Gospel; ďIt Takes TwoĒ is a sexy Blues track co-written with Donna Nolan-Wilson, tell us about that song?

KIMBERLEY - Yeah that was just a couple of gals having some fun, we just spit that song out in like twenty minutes over the phone.
     Iím finding out through working with GARY PIHL that a lot of the songs can be arranged in so many different ways; he did an amazing job helping me with the direction on a lot of the songs.

Ross CAT - ďLove Donít Leave Me KnowĒ is another great song featuring GARY & JEFF once again, with a special guest appearance by GLEN BURTNIK (Styx) who contributes some sweet guitar licks.
     How did BURTNIK get involved?

KIMBERLEY - Thatís one of those songs that changed up as we went along; I had originally written it with a FLEETWOOD MAC Bluegrass vibe, it ended having a whole new take when it was finished.
is just talented on so many levels, heís an all around sweet guy, Iím so lucky to work with him and call him a friend.
      Iíve had the honor of playing GLENíS X-Mas Xtravaganza which is this weekend at the Count Basie Theater in New Jersey.

Ross CAT - The final song on the album is the aforementioned ďWith YouĒ an alluring acoustic track you wrote for the ďBerlin UnpluggedĒ album.
     This particular song was hand picked for the 2002 BOSTON ďCooperate AmericaĒ album by TOM SCHOLZ, the guitar wizard who also plays the Bass & Electric guitars on it.
      Tell us about your feelings when you found out it was included on the BOSTON album?

KIMBERLEY - I was absolutely floored as I think everybody else was.  When I started to work with TOM I had given him the Unplugged CD never thinking anything of it beyond giving him an idea of what I had to offer as a performer when joining BOSTON.
The funny thing is that song was done one mic, one take so when TOM selected it for the album I begged him to re-record it, so we did but he chose to go with the original, he obviously heard something that I couldnít.
is simply a musical genius, I absolutely love working with the man.  Heís made me a much better person, performer, writer, producer & singer.
    Heís definitely helped get the twang out of this Nashville Girl & brought
out the Rocker in me & Iím having the time of my life.

Kimberely Dahme & Tom ScholzRoss CAT - Lets delve into how the Lovely Lady made her way into the legendary band BOSTON.
    Not only are you the only women to ever be in the band you had to learn how to play the Bass Guitar for the audition, tell us about that amazing feat?

KIMBERLEY - It was nuts, I was playing with HAMBRIDGE at the time when TOM SCHOLZ & GARY PIHL walked into the Club.
      I had heard they may be coming in looking for a new drummer for the next
BOSTON tour so naturally they came out to see ďThe HammerĒ.
     At that time I was playing acoustic guitar, after the gig TOM came over an introduced himself and asked if I could play the Bass guitar my response was ďSure Yeah I can learn thatĒ.
     I went back to Nashville got a Bass Guitar at a pawn shop; literally within a month I auditioned for the band got the gig & a month later I was on stage at the Fiesta Bowl on New Yearís Day playing the National Anthem with

Ross CAT - Tell us about that harrowing experience of playing in front of 75,000 people & a national television audience, not to mention your first ever public performance on Bass Guitar?

KIMBERLEY - All I could think was WOW! I was so scared, I wanted to be so good for everyone; it was the longest minute and a half of my life.
     I didnít breath, I donít remember taking a single breath from the time I stepped foot on stage until the time I was hyperventilating backstage after the show.  To this day I still donít know how I did it; somehow the guys pulled me through.
    After that performance I really got busy learning the Bass, I gave everything that I had learning how to play.  Iím still doing it to this day itís a process that Iíll gladly continue for the rest of my life; it really is a beautiful instrument.

Ross CAT - The first time the Rock Rapport had the pleasure of seeing you perform was at the BRADLEY DELP Celebration shortly after his sad & untimely death, tell us about your emotions surrounding that time?

Kimberely Dahme & Bradley DelpKIMBERLEY - Thankfully I was with my son when I received the news of BRADíS passing; I just fell to my knees, honestly itís still really tough to talk about even now.
     From the day that I walked into the rehearsal hall he was nothing but Kind & Generous.  BRAD was really a mentor for me in so many ways graciously guiding me through the growing pains of life on the road with
BOSTON.   Iíve toured all my professional life but not quite on the scale of going out on the road with a band of that stature so I was very naive.
   He was a really quiet guy but with a sense of humor that would just knock you off your feet with laughter.
    I feel so blessed to have known & worked with such a wonderful human being.  I just cry when I listen back to some of the shows we did together, the introductions he would give me on stage were just so sweet he always went above & beyond for his bandmates & the
BOSTON fans.
     Itís been a difficult process but I feel his presence; this last album was a lot about healing for me, part of that was coping with the loss of BRAD.
    These songs have helped me move forward, Iím celebrating life and I know thatís what he would want from all of us.

Ross CAT - BOSTON embarked on a massive World Tour in 2008 with over 50 dates welcoming a couple of new vocalists, internet sensation TOMMY DeCARLO & MICHAEL SWEET of STRYPER fame.
     Tell us about that tour which included a stop here in Western New York at the Seneca Allegany Casino?

KIMBERLEY - It really was the best tour that Iíve been a part of with the Band, I know TOM has said the same thing and heís played in every single show with BOSTON from the start.
    At the end of the day when a Band like
BOSTON goes out on the road itís about the fans and bringing them along for the ride and I think we accomplished that.

BostonRoss CAT - Lastly KIMBERLEY whatís in store for BOSTON in the New Year, word has it that some new material may be in the works for the new lineup?

KIMBERLEY - Absolutely, as always TOM is coming up with some really amazing BOSTON stuff itís going to be huge; Iím so thrilled to be part of it, stay tuned.

     The Rock Rapport would like to Thank KIMBERLEY DAHME for taking time out from her very busy schedule.  We would also like to Thank Donna Nolan-Wilson from ITS Entertainment for setting this up.
Check out
KIMBERLEY DAHME @, for BOSTON news go to
     Donít miss
KIMBERLEY performing an acoustic set this Saturday Night at INFINITY on Transit Road in Clarence as part of the Rock Ďní Soul Christmas Concert opening for Rochester Rockers D:Drive featuring DON MANCUSO (Lou Gramm Band, Cheater) & PHIL NARO (Talas, Peter Criss Band).
     Doors open @ 7pm tickets are available at
INFINITY 716-270-4990 or @ or by calling 716-989-4809.

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