by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

Concert Preview: SAMMY HAGAR & the WABOS
Friday May 23rd 2008

     BET IT ALL ON REDÖ.. Rock Ďní Roll Hall of Famer SAMMY HAGAR will be rolling in his CABO WABO Cantina stage to the  sprawling hills of Salamanca this Friday Night to kick off Memorial Day Weekend 2008.
and the WABOS: guitarist VIC JOHNSON, bassist MONA, and longtime drummer DAVID ďBroĒ LAUSER will be pouring out the hits from the immense catalog the RED ROCKER has amassed over his illustrious career; from MONTROSE to VAN HALEN and all the solo gems in between.
For people who have never had the pleasure of basking in  the crystal blue water and sandy white beaches of Cabo San Lucas this is your chance to get a taste of what ďLivin it UpĒ
Red Rocker style is all about.
  Be sure to arrive early at the Casino, this isnít just a concert itís an event with a myriad of pre-show festivities to wet your pallet, including the world famous
WABORITA drink made with the equally world famous CABO WABO Tequila.
The NIGHTLIFE Rock Rapport caught up with the SAMMY as he was getting set to head into his final rehearsal before hitting the summer tour circuit which kicked off with a weekend at the Tahoe Wabo earlier this month.
     Ross CAT-
Sammy, as always thanks again for being so gracious and taking time out for the Rock Rapport; what can Western New Yorkers look forward to this Friday night as the Cabo Wabo Cantina Caravan sails into town anchoring at the picturesque Seneca Allegany Casino.
No problem at all Ross, great to talk to you again. As you know itís always a party when we take the Cantina out on the road, I canít think of a better way to kick off my Memorial Day
Holiday then sharing a Summer Night with my friends in Upstate New York.
Ross CAT-Once again limited Cabo Wabo stage seating is available at the shows this summer.  I had the pleasure to savor the show from the Cantina seats at Darien Lake; it really is a concert experience like no other.  Will that be a mainstay on the Hagar shows?
SAMMY-That really has been a blast the last couple of tours, the band and I really enjoy hanging with the hardcore Redheads on stage.
     Itís something weíve been talking about in rehearsal; Iíve been thinking this might be the last year for the Cantina Stage Production but until we come up with something better Iíd feel like we where cheating the fans.  I canít imagine going out on the road with just a stripped down stage without the bar, the props and most importantly my waitresses to bring me my
Cabo Wabo tequila.
 That being said Ross keep in mind this is me weíre talking about, I donít sit still for very long, Iím all about reinventing myself,  my music and the way I present it, so ďGet ReadyĒ you just never know whatís next.
     Ross CAT-
Will we see premier Rock Ďní Roll bassist and all around party animal MICHAEL ANTHONY on the road with you again this summer?

Mike will be popping in and out of the tour for sure. He really wants to play with us at the stadium shows that we are doing with KENNY CHESNEY
At this time Iím not exactly sure when heís going to be playing; one things for sure knowing MIKEY he canít stay home when SAMMY and the WABOíS are out on tour, weíve found that out over the last ten years. Heís played on about 90% of our gigs since the last VH reunion; heís usually around by hook or by crook.
     I have to say that having MIKEY on stage makes it so much easier to play the VAN HAGAR material, when Iím singing ďWhy Canít This Be Love, ďTop of the WorldĒ, or ďPoundcakeĒ and I hear his harmonies I can close my eyes and feel like it was 1990 again.
     Hands down MIKEíS backing vocals and bass playing are as big a part of the VAN HALEN legacy as me, EDDIE, ALEX or DAVE. It has been and always will be an open door policy for MIKE in any band Iím in.
Ross CAT-Last month saw the Redheads sail off to meet up with SAMMY and friends on the 3rd annual Cabo Wabo Cruise which is highlighted with a private concert at the Cabo Wabo Cantina (, sounds like one helluva party?
Thatís an understatement Iím just recuperating from that damn thing. Every year family, friends and fans try to get me to go on the boat; itís hard to convince everyone that if I got on that cruise ship itís all over for me, I couldnít perform. As strange as it sounds being the sunshine stalker that Ií am, Iím just not a boat guy, I get sea sick within twenty minutes, thatís just about the only kind of Rockin and Rollin I canít handle.
     Thatís another thing we are looking at, the cruise line has been terrific to us but being on such a tight schedule is really difficult. The Carnival Cruise ship arrives at
7am in the port, by 11am weíre pounding out a two hour set; as you know I hold nothing back on stage so the Cabo Wabo is flowing and by the middle of the afternoon everyone is shipwrecked.
     So Iím thinking this may be the last cruise for a while, Iím looking at something where people can spend more time at the Cantina as opposed to just a six hour port stop
Ross CAT-Speaking of the Cruise concert it was broadcast live for the very first time on the very cool totally FREE Cabo Wabo Radio Network ( Tell us about this awesome music venture?
Itís really been flourishing since we started the concept, itís gone through its growing pains but now itís really coming together. I just heard that we are rated in the top 15 internet radio stations in the world out of a possible 3000. Like most things I do I try to bring my fans along for the ride, having a good time and listening to music turns me on.
     As of May 15th we started a contest for fans to compete to become a permanent DJ broadcasting live from
6pm to midnight inside the Cabo Wabo Cantina. Everyone whoís ever been there knows it can get ďWild Ďní CrazyĒ, and for those who havenít you can get a real feel of the outrageous atmosphere.
     Itís unique because itís organic, we offer live shows, new bands, Classic Rockers and you just never know when me and some of my buds are going to show up for an impromptu jam. Fans should give it a listen and vote for their favorite personality, like you said itís FREE, just like FUN should be.

     Ross CAT-
Letís get into the summer show schedule, as mentioned earlier the
Red Rocker will be part of the KENNY CHESNEY ďPoets and PiratesĒ tour featuring acts like LEANN RIMES, KEITH URBAN, GARY ALLAN to name just a few.  How did that come about?
Thatís some kinda talent your talkin bout there. I canít wait to see what happens when I get on stage in front of all those folks, most of whom may have never seen a HAGAR & WABOS show.
     First off Rockers and Redheads not to worry Iím not goin country or anything like that. This is really based on my close friendship with KENNY CHESNEY, we got the idea when I joined him onstage at a few shows and the place went absolutely crazy.  So we thought his fan base would be a great crossover crowd for us to have some fun with.  Iíve really had a blast partying and jammin with guys like KENNY and TOBY KEITH; I respect them as performers, most importantly theyíre great songwriters and Iím all about playing great music.  Iím really looking forward to the challenge that this tour package brings me and the
Ross CAT-The Rock Rapport will be heading to Cleveland on Saturday to your first stop on the ďPoets and PiratesĒ tour any chance weíll see you perform a duet with LEANN RIMES?
If she wants Iím game; Iíve never been one to turn a pretty lady down. Seriously everyone involved has been great to deal with it seems the skies the limit as far as how this is going to play out.
     BROOKS & DUNN have a new song where they talk about
CABO WABO, they want me to come out and sing on that one, sounds like itís going to be a real user friendly situation so just about anything is possible at one of these shows.
Ross CAT-Letís put the ďHeavy MetalĒ heads mind at ease as youíll be doing some shows later in the summer with the SCORPIONS.
Weíve been friends for a long time, great group of musicians and guys. They actually opened for me on my first ever headlining tour in 1979, we where on the road together for nine months it was awesome.

     Ross CAT-
your website has a couple of new songs posted, ďOpenĒ has been up for a few months, now just this past week a brand new song ďIím on a RollĒ is available for download at your site. Will we see a new SAMMY HAGAR album in 2008?
Yeah, the brand new single is about NASCAR itís another drivin song (laughter), I guess you could say itís the new ďI canít Drive 55Ē. Weíve been opening rehearsals with it everyday and itís feelin really good, thereís a pretty good chance weíll take it out for a test drive in the pole position in the summer setlist.
We also did a video for ďIím On a RollĒ with a little help from our NASCAR buds, look for that to open up the shows this summer as well.

     Ross CAT-
In our previous interviews youíve always made it clear about how much you respect ALEX VAN HALEN and that you thought that the VAN HALEN fans deserved a chance to see the original line-up tour with ROTH. Any desire to check out the current VAN HALEN tour which is getting primarily positive reviews in its second leg?

No I just canít do it, after the last VAN HAGAR tour EDDIE became my enemy, he wasnít the same guy he was when we started the VAN HAGAR era of the band; he made what should have been a great experience just down right miserable. Now when I say that Iím talking about the EDDIE VAN HALEN that is struggling with his personal demons, theyíve been pretty well documented.
     I will say this, the fact that they are doing the tour with DAVE is awesome, they have owed the amazing VAN HALEN fans that for a longtime; but not taking MIKE out isnít doing the ROTH era justice and itís just wrong.
    If youíre finally going to go out and bill yourself as the original VAN HALEN, then MIKE should be playing with them for GOD sake, thatís just my two cents. I understand EDDIE wanting to play with WOLFIE but he should just go out and start there own band.
     That being said it seems that some positive has come out of this whole thing, last time I saw EDDIE he was in really bad shape a few years back; but I did see a recent photo and he looks healthier then he has in a long time.  That to me is a great thing, EDDIE has all the support on the planet from me if he is finally getting his shit together.  If this tour has helped him get himself together and
clean up Iím so happy for that.
Ross CAT-Lastly, you toured with DAVID LEE ROTH back in 2003 any chance youíd be willing to set aside differences and give VAN HALEN fans the ďBest of Both WorldsĒ with all 5 guys touring together?
As far as that goes thatís just not something Iím really interested in doin again right now, EDDIE would have to be able to bring himself back to ground zero; by that I mean heíd have to be completely clean.
     Right Now Iím having the time of my life and looking forward to seeing all the Redheads on tour this summer as well as making some new friends on the ďPoets and Pirates TourĒ
Rock Rapport would like to thank our bud SAMMY HAGAR for sharing his valuable time.  We would also like to once again thank Jessica Erskine of Rogers & Cowan for hooking us up with SAMMY.
Also check out the SENECA ALLEGANY CASINO site @ for more great summer shows including THE GOO GOO DOLLS, BOSTON/STYX and BROOKS & DUNN to name just a few.

**************PEACE & HARMONIES*****************

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