by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

     KLOSE TO HOME…..For those music fans who didn’t have the pleasure of seeing critically acclaimed artist JANN KLOSE at this year’s Buffalo Music Awards you need not fret as you will be afforded the opportunity once again. KLOSE will be performing at Alexandria’s on Broadway in Depew on Wednesday Night; the following that he will be opening for RUSTED ROOT front man MICHAEL GLABICKI at Hilbert College ( on Thursday January 31st.
Although born in GERMANY the savvy songwriter has been a world traveler throughout his lifetime with stints in
Nairobi, Kenya and Johannesburg, South Africa until settling into Cleveland, Ohio as a teenager.  With a travel bio like that it should come as no surprise that KLOSE now calls the culturally diverse Big Apple home.
 His current release “Reverie” resonates of the worldly elements KLOSE has experienced.  The gifted young singer/songwriter/musician has managed to successfully translate his savoir-fair from sight to sound. The captivating twelve song disc is brimming with the significant musical styles KLOSE has been exposed to; wrapping his luminous lyrics around a wealth of alluring arrangements and a montage of melodies. From the opening track “Beautiful Dream” to the final cut acutely titled The Beginning” KLOSE takes you on his whirlwind adventure.
has caught the ear of music moguls ROB GRENOBLE, head honcho at WATER MUSIC and acclaimed producer STEWART LERMAN (LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III, THE ROCHES); both of whom contribute to the record along with DOMINIC MAITA (Fall Out Boy, Bryan Ferry, Plain White T’s), who mastered the tracks.
The NIGHTLIFE/Best of WNY Rock Rapport had the pleasure to speak with JANN KLOSE as he prepares to visit the
Western New York area once again.
     Ross CAT-
Hello JANN Thanks so much for your time.  Glad to see you’re coming back to town following the success of your last visit headlining the
BUFFALO MUSIC AWARDS this past December.
JANN KLOSE - It’s my pleasure; I really enjoyed meeting the fine folks of BUFFALO; it truly was an honor to join all the talented musicians at the annual awards ceremony.  The passion for the Arts and Cultural keenness of Western New York are akin to that of New York City and Cleveland; I really felt welcomed and at home on my recent visit, I’m most certainly looking forward to playing again this week.
     Ross CAT-
I believe this may be the first time that Hamburg, New York has been used in any performers Tour Title as the current trek is called “”Hamburg to Hamburg”.  This leg of CD release shows started in Hamburg, GERMANY and will culminate on Thursday Night at the William E. Swan Auditorium at HILBERT College (, tell us about the musical journey you’ve embarked on?
    JANN KLOSE - It’s really been exciting for me to perform the new music to so many different people.  I did a few release parties in one of my hometowns in Hamburg, GERMANY, the support was tremendous.  We did another gig in BERLIN, that city really has a dynamic energy flowing through it similar to that of NEW YORK.  Both cities boast such a wonderful history that you can’t help but immerse yourself in the brilliance; it really stirs ones creativity.
Ross CAT- Let’s delve into the new disc aptly titled “REVERIE”.  Did you have a working title during the recording of the album or did this title seem to tie all the songs together upon its completion?
Most definitely, I was searching for a state of mind to connect the tracks, “Reverie” fit perfectly for the mental environment I was working from, a sort of dream state.
     While the songs together do have a common thread I tried to respect each song individually by conversely letting the songs lead me to where they wanted to take me.

     Ross CAT-
“Reverie” renders such a montage of musical grooves, the music and lyrics are as well traveled as you’ve been in your life; was it difficult to interweave the planetary styles and sounds into one collection of songs?
JANN KLOSE - I really had so much support in the making of “Reverie” that it allowed me to easily expand on the creativity level of each song. This record was precise in regards to the preparation of the songs before we entered the studio; that allowed us to go in with the basic tracks in place and to be emphatically inventive with each song without compromising the organic feel I was striving for.
     This album is truly a collaboration of so many talented people with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to be associated with; the contributions of everyone involved have been colossal. The making of this disc was downright FUN.

Ross CAT-
The diversity of the arrangements and melodies are enchanting almost as if we’ve taken the journey with you; “Hold Me Down” has a rousting reggae beat, while “Clouds” has a floating tactility jazzed up by the flutter of the brass section.
     One of the most personal and poignant tracks is “Mother Said, Father Said”, musically it’s as soothing as a lullaby, yet lyrically it visits a painful period in your life, talk about revealing that part of yourself through song.

     JANN KLOSE - It was a very much in the moment type of thing, I guess you don’t really look at it as a revelation when it flows naturally.
     The song is about my parents and my relationship with them, it’s reminiscent of growing up and dealing with their divorce. Like many children who are raised under those circumstances it was an extremely confusing time for me. I’ve always used song and medley for comfort; several of these songs are written to feel better about someone or something in my life. Music is a release for me in countless ways and I’m so very thankful for that outlet.

     Ross CAT- As a journalist you try not to make comparisons to other artists but I couldn’t help but notice the NEIL YOUNG vibe on the instrumental song “
     JANN KLOSE - I hadn’t really thought of that but now that you mention it I suppose it makes sense considering the fact that I was a “HARVEST” junkie for a while.  Whether you’re a musician or not NEIL YOUNG is as influential a songwriter as you’ll ever find.
     I wrote the song when I was in ITHACA it happened to be a really cold and dreary day when I had an idea for this certain melody; after playing it on the piano I just had a sense that it didn’t need any lyrics.
     As a band we decided that being an instrumental we needed to make the melody of the song the strength, our bassist CHRIS MARLOF had the idea of using his wife who plays the Oboe on the piece, I just absolutely loved it.

     The NIGHTLIFE/Best of WNY Rock Rapport would like to Thank JANN KLOSE for his time; be sure to check out his music @ as well as
     A very special THANK YOU to our NIGHTLIFE friend ANNE LEIGHTON for her much appreciated help and support.

****************PEACE and HARMONIES*************

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