by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

………………PAINT THE TOWN RED……………….
    The New Year has started out like no other in the VAN HALEN camp; after being dormant for the better part of five years prior to the 2004 reunion tour the band has been a regular in the music blotter. The good news is that “Judgment Day” has come and the Red carpet will be rolled out next month in New York City as the band will be standing on “Top of the World” when they are enshrined into their proper place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    The circumstances surrounding this induction are unique in the respect that two completely different eras of this remarkable Rock and Roll band is being recognized, and rightfully so. While the original line-up may have very well reached this pinnacle on its own merits; it was the Red Rocker SAMMY HAGAR who set aside his ample ax and brought back character and credibility to a band that imploded following the release of the chart busting album “1984”.
    Since the departure of HAGAR following the tumultuous 2004 reunion tour, VAN HALEN is once again playing the “In –n- Out” game on vocals bringing DAVID LEE ROTH back into the fold. Also joining in to Rock the VAN HALEN cradle will be fifteen- year old WOLFGANG. The music prodigy will be taking over bass duties for original member, MICHAEL ANTHONY, whose booming bass lines and legendary hearty harmonies will be sorely missed on the upcoming tour.
    While speculation and hoopla surround this momentous event at the Waldorf Historia on March 12th,  SAMMY HAGAR along with the rest of the Rock and Roll community hope everyone can have the “Best of Both Worlds” on this momentous night.
   NIGHTLIFE had the good fortune to share a few minutes with the Red Rocker from his home in Cabo, San Lucas just a few days following the HOF induction announcement.
  Ross CAT- Congratulations on the well deserved induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  SAMMY- Thanks so much I’m absolutely elated about the honor. It just so happens MICHAEL ANTHONY was down here with me soaking up the sunshine when we got the word. Since then we’ve been throwing one Helluva of a party down at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. It’s been one big jam with my band the Wabos, we evened managed to spice things up with CHAD SMITH of the CHILI PEPPERS hangin’ with us and sharing the fun.
  It really doesn’t hit you until you start talking with people and hear them say your name and Hall of Fame in the same sentence.
  I think that VAN HALEN deserves the honor more then any other band from that era.  It’s really cool that they have included both ROTH and me.
  Ross CAT- Speaking of DAVID LEE ROTH, the VAN HALEN family will be “Runnin with DAVE” throughout the summer tour circuit, what’s your take on that?
  SAMMY- It ought to make for an interesting summer and evening in New York next month that’s for sure. The cool thing is everybody is still alive; we’re all still legitimate musicians, each member of the VH is and has been a valid artist in their own right.
  As for the ceremony, all I can do is hope for the best and fear the worst. I really do hope that this night will bring out the best in all of us, my approach will be, HEY, THANK YOU to all the guys past and present.  Without them I know I wouldn’t be there, all I can hope is that everyone else brings the same attitude. I’m really looking forward to it being a great night.
  Ross CAT- You mentioned that you where with MICHAEL when you got the news, have you had the opportunity to speak with any of the other VH members?
  SAMMY- We kind of new about the induction a few days before the official announcement, when word came down I called ALEX VH and congratulated him. We had a great conversation and shared a few laughs; I love the guys and the time we shared together.
  After talking with ALEX I got the feeling that he would like to jam at the awards ceremony too, but we all agreed that the chemistry has to be right.
  Ross CAT- You’ve proven that you can pretty much share the stage with just about anyone when you toured with DAVID LEE ROTH, would you ever consider doing so again with a full VAN HALEN lineup?
  SAMMY- I would be open to it. That being said there would also be a lot of apprehension after the last reunion. I would certainly do it if it could be presented properly, if we are all there for the right reasons, most importantly check the egos at the door.  If I knew if would be about the music and the fans I would definitely be in.
  Ross CAT- One of the coolest parts of the HOF ceremonies is the presentation of the band, any word on who might be presenting VAN HALEN?
  SAMMY-  From what I’ve heard from management they are going to ask the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS to present us. For me personally that would be awesome they are truly one of my favorite bands in the world.
  Coincidentally PEPPERS drummer CHAD SMITH has been jamming with MICHAEL and me down here at the Cantina the past week or so. It’s been a blast; we’ve been calling ourselves ChickenFoot, doing the power trio thing. We might even have a little fun with that and do some recording together down the road.
  Hopefully that all works itself out with the powers that be, that would be one helluva jam session with VAN HALEN and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS tearing up the same stage.
  Ross CAT- Last summer was a stellar year for you on the road with the “Livin It Up” disc and tour, what does 2007 have in store for the RED ROCKER?
  SAMMY- Yeah it really was loads of fun bringing CABO WABO to the fans, MIKEY and I really had a blast.
  As for touring this year I have no plans for a full scale tour I will be doing my special events that have become a tradition. The same week of the VH induction the second annual Cabo Wabo Cruise will be setting sail as the Redheads invade the shores of Cabo, San Lucas to help MIKE and I celebrate the induction. We will be doing the TAHOE WABO in May for Cinco de Mayo, and my favorite party of the year will be the Birthday Bash.
  I just love sharing those two weeks in October with my family, friends and fans, there’s nothing like soaking up the sun and fun in Cabo, you just never know who might show up.
  Ross CAT- Finally SAMMY, speaking of the Birthday Bash this October should be a very special one as you will be celebrating your 60th birthday. Are you starting to feel a little “Black and Blue” yet?
  SAMMY- Come on Ross you and I know that’s impossible, I can’t be that old. There’s something screwy going on with that, but if that’s what they tell me then I’m going to go ahead and celebrate that way until someone tells me different. In all seriousness it’s just a number, I’m as happy as I’ve ever been in my life. I’m surrounded by a loving family and loyal friends and that keeps me feeling young. I’ve never acted my age don’t plan on startin’ now.
   NIGHTLIFE would once again like to thank SAMMY HAGAR for taking time out for us. We would also like to thank Jessica Erskine from Rogers & Cowan for making it happen.
    As mentioned in the interview the Second Annual CABO WABO Cruise is ready to Rock and Roll. Set to sail on March 11th thru March 18th. This year’s on board guests will be SAMMY’S band the WABO’S, also representing the HAGAR family will be the multi-talented AARON HAGAR (
    Last but most certainly not least MICHAEL ANTHONY will also be joining in on the fun. This should be an extra special week as both SAMMY and MIKE should be flying high from the HOF induction.
    Still time to make the voyage you can call and book through ROSE TOURS 1-888-491-7673, or go to Whether you’re a HAGAR fan or not this cruise is what Rock and Roll “Dreams” are made of.
    For  fans that didn’t get the chance to share one of the “Summer Nights” with SAMMY on the “Livin’ it Up” tour the concert DVD will hit stores on June 26th.
   ROCK REPORT readers don’t forget you can also pick us up at The webpage will have photos of the first Cabo Wabo Cruise and also will have extra liner notes though out the month not available in our hardcopy edition.
   The NIGTHLIFE ROCK REPORT has also been added to the 107.7 THE LAKE webpage (; you can find it in the Lake Local Music Initiative section as the LIGHTHOUSE ROCK REPORT.
   FAIR WARNING- Since this hardcopy edition hit the “Mean Streets” on February 19th a report from POLLSTAR claims that the VAN HALEN tour is being postponed indefinitely. It is believed that contract terms between the VAN HALEN Bros., DAVID LEE ROTH, and Live Nation have hit a snag. Stay tuned the NIGHTLIFE Rock Report will let you know when and if this long awaited reunion is ever “Unchained”.
****************PEACE and HARMONIES***************** 

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