by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

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While reality television continues to minimize the concept of being a bona fide singer there are a “Chosen Few” songwriting musicians who separate themselves from the pack by creating music with passion from within the soul.
    One of those artist is rising Superstar ERIC CHURCH whose debut CAPITAL Record release “Sinners Like Me” reached #7 on the U.S. Country charts and #29 on the Billboard Charts. The disc has also produced three top twenty hits “Two Pink Lines”, “How Bout You”, and “Guys Like Me”.  One of Country Music’s high priest MERLE HAGGARD even chimes in on “I Pledge Allegiance to the Hag” as CHURCH pays homage to the Country Music legend.
    The 30 year-old
NORTH CAROLINA native didn’t achieve instant success when “Sinners Like Me” was released in July of 2006; he went out and earned it “The Hard Way”.  CHURCH has been out on the dusty tour trial kickin’ his boots up just about anywhere he could plug in his guitar. It’s that work ethic and willingness to build his fan base through is ardent live performances that have tapped into the consciousness of the Country Music community.  Songs like “Before She Does” and “What I Almost Was” hit home like a bolt of “Lightning” with just about every blue collar American.
    In between his solo shows CHURCH has amassed himself quite a resume this past year saddling up on stage with some of Music’s elite including HANK WILLIAMS, JR., CHARLIE DANIELS, BRAD
Most recently CHURCH joined LORETTA LYNN and the VAN ZANDT Brothers at the
Vatican of Country Music the Ryman Auditorium inside the GRAND OLE OPRY.
    The NIGHTLIFE/Best of WNY ROCK RAPPORT had the pleasure of roping in the spirited Cowboy Rocker for a few minutes as he makes his way across the mid-west to CLUB PARADISE to headline the CHURCH COUNTRY CHRISTMAS JAMBOREE.


    Ross CAT- Thanks so much ERIC for taking time out for the insatiable Country Music Masses here in Western New York and Southern Ontario. Congratulations on the huge success of your debut disc “Sinners Like Me”, the hard work and determination you’ve put into promoting and touring is quite impressive.
ERIC CHURCH-Your right about the hard work, my band and crew have really done me and these songs proud; at the same time it really has been a blast for all of us
    That’s just part of the fabric of who I am; you make your music and you take it out to the fans.  Any artist I’ve ever been a fan of whether it’s Country, Rock ‘n’ Roll or Blues takes their music on the road to build that loyal fan base.  It’s been real important for us to go to every city that will have us and build that CHURCH foundation; I hope that each record will be another brick in that foundation and allow us to take this thing where I want it to take us.
Ross CAT-
In recent year’s reality television has really minimized the work ethic that we just touched on does that perplex someone like yourself who has paid their dues?
Sometimes there are certain aspects about the music industry that are frustrating but the one thing that is comforting is that there are still artists out there making great music.
    Technology and new advertising concepts have afforded this generation a new platform; all I can say is it’s just not for me, I want my music to mean something to people ten years from now.
    Ross CAT-
When listening to “Sinners Like Me” your debut record; it seems as if this collection of songs are the lyrics to your life to date, how difficult is it to open yourself up like that?
ERIC CHURCH- Yeah the entire record was written that way, the title track is the most auto-biographical on the record.
    Really the only song that isn’t a helluva lot of me is “LIGHTNING”; thankfully I’ve never been in that position.  Although I wrote that song based on my personal perspective of the “Green Mile”, I remember thinking about the feeling I would have if I was in that predicament.
    That song set me apart from all the other talented artists out there, it lead me to both my publishing and recording deal.  It really is a unique song in the sense that it touches people; that’s what I always try to accomplish in my songwriting.  As a fan of music a song doesn’t necessarily have to be a so called radio hit to find happiness or healing within it.

    Ross CAT-
Your lifetime of experiences helped you create “Sinners Like Me”, where does ERIC CHRUCH procure his inspiration for the next   record?
That’s a great question, I do know that you can’t go back to the same place, for me music is like life and everyday you hope your life experiences brings you growth.
    We’ve talked about how we’ve been on the road for about two years and for me that’s stimulating as a songwriter.  The people I’ve met and the places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit have brought me more insight to myself and the world, more then I could have ever imagined.
    We’ve recorded about four or five songs and I can tell you that a lot has to do with the stories I’ve heard and the characters I’ve met along this great ride I’ve been on.  We’ll be finishing it up through December and January and hope to get it out to the fans early next year.

    Ross CAT-
Let’s talk a little about your experiences of the road.  Readers would have me lynched if I didn’t ask about your departure from the RASCAL FLATTS tour?
    ERIC CHURCH- Honestly I do want to say that there isn’t really any hard feelings toward the guys in the band.  It was more a decision based on what they felt was right for them organizationally.
    Buffalo was one of those shows we did with them and I think most folks who know me know that when you pay your hard earned money to see ERIC CHURCH your gonna get what you paid for.  That being said I guess on certain nights we may have played a little too long and a little too loud for their liking.  No hard feelings things always happen for a good reason.

    Ross CAT-
As it happens that opened the door for another great opportunity as you ended up shootin’ up the opening slot for the long awaited BOB SEGER and the Silver Bullet Band tour.  Tell us about that amazing experience?
No matter what success I may achieve in my lifetime those twenty-five or so dates with the SEGER tour will forever be ingrained in my soul.  As a fan of music you won’t find a better man, musician or mentor in BOB and his manger PUNCH.  After every set we did I would watch the entire SEGER show in awe, I learned something new each and every night.  SEGER’S music really exemplifies the power of song and it’s something I’ll always carry with me in my songwriting.
Ross CAT-
ERIC your songwriting truly demonstrates the character you display in living life and that begins with family, I see your brother BRANDON co-wrote “How Bout You”.
Yeah my family is the most important thing to me, they’ve helped me strive to be the man I’ve become.  BRANDON is a big part of what we are trying to build, as a matter of fact he co-wrote a couple of the songs we are doing for the new record as well.
    I also want to mention that I’m a staunch supporter of the AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION.  My mother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 52 years old so the last five years or so I’ve gotten a first hand look at the effects, it has become very important to me to help raise the awareness of this disease.

    Ross CAT-
Lastly, with Country and Rock fusing together more then ever when CMT approaches you for a CROSSROADS concert who would you like to share songs with?
I would have to say it would be a dream come true to get up there with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and just two acoustic guitars and let it rip song for song
The ROCK RAPPORT would like to thank ERIC CHURCH for his valuable time as well as Kim Fowler from Two Dog Media.

BACK II BACK ENTERTAINMENT ( in conjunction with 106.5 WYRK is proud to present the CHURCH CHRISTMAS COUNTRY JAMBOREE at
Western New York’s Premier Entertainment Complex CLUB PARADISE.
Rousting up the rowdies in the opening slot will be Regional Country Rockers BAREBACK JACK and UNDERGROUND STAMPEDE both whom are BUFFALO MUSIC AWARD NOMNINEES at next Thursday’s (Dec. 6th) awards ceremony at Rock ‘n” Roll Heaven.
Also appearing on the bill will be National Recording Artist LIZ CARLISLE; the little lady with the big voice hails from Montana and is currently in the midst of a tour in support of her latest effort “Big Dreams”.            Be sure to check out her website for some great song samples at
    The BACK II BACK Entertainment Group would also like to thank show sponsors JAN’S SMOKE and CRAFT SHOP as well as TRUCKS MAINTAINED/ LINE-X of WNY) in Depew.

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