by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

Concert Preview:

Buffalo Hill Village, Varysburg, NY
July 4th & 5th

     FLIP FLOPS & BOTTLE TOPS…..This 4th of July weekend marks the 15th anniversary of the Jam In The Valley; the Buffalo Hill Village will be bursting with tank tops and Cowboy hats in celebration of our nations Independence Day.
     Fireworks will illuminate the
Varysburg skies all weekend long welcoming some of Country Music’s premier talent as they blaze across the Buffalo Hill stage.
“Guess whose back in town stompin’ around”, for the festivities Capital Records recording artist CHRIS CAGLE CAGLE is out on the road with unbridled abandon in support of his chart topping new disc “My Life’s Been a Country Song”.
     Back by popular demand
CAGLE makes his triumphant return to the area after raising the roof off Club Paradise this past November.
ROCK RAPPORT had the pleasure to once again speak with CHRIS CAGLE from the road as he was getting set to “Play it Loud” for the folks in San Antonio, TX
Ross CAT-
Chris thanks so much for taking some time for us here in Western New York to talk about the sensational new record and the 4th of July “JAM IN THE VALLEY” show.
     I’m certain a majority of the crowd this Friday night will be repeat
Caglehead offenders who where in attendance for the blowout show this past winter.
     C.C.-I’ll tell you what, we’re just as excited about this show as the fans are, we had  a helluva good time at the
Paradise gig and are lookin’ to up the ante this time around.
     Ross CAT-
First off congratulations on the new album “My Life Been a Country Song”, which is rattling the cages of the Country Music charts with “What Kinda Gone” and “No Love Songs”.
     The entire album has a potent vibe to it along with some stellar guitar work.

     C.C.-I really do appreciate that considering the fact that it was a conscious decision from the start to pick up the pace on this record.
     I was blessed to be surrounded by an elite group of individuals while making this album; it really was a pleasure to work with some of
Nashville’s finest writers and musicians.
     In following up “Anywhere But Here” I had to decide which direction to take while moving forward in all aspects of my life.
     Musically Scott Hendricks came in and stripped down my entire back catalog, he sat me down and said “In order for us to make your career even stronger we have to fix the weak spots”; turns out he was just the man for the job.
     John Carroll plays most of the lead guitar on the album, he plays with so much passion and tact.  I feel fortunate not only to have him playing on the record  he’ll  also be on the road with us this summer which helps shift the songs from the studio to the stage
Ross CAT-Track three on the new disc “It’s Good To Be Back” makes a stout statement, the band attacks it with a full on assault; sure sounds like a kick ass show opener for Friday Night.
C.C.- Dude that song has to be the best opening song I’ve ever been a part of.  It’s so powerful, it’s a blast performing it and it sets the tone for the rest of the show.  I cant’ wait to break that baby out this weekend.
Ross CAT-
As mentioned this album signifies some substantial changes from the way you’ve worked as a recording artist in the past, did you expect the success that the album has brought thus far?
C.C.- Honestly Ross, I’m glad that things are happening the way there happening, I didn’t really have any expectations going into this project.
     I knew this much, no matter what the record did I felt that in my heart I put everything I had into those songs. There where days that I sang until I couldn’t sing anymore, it was to the point where I couldn’t even talk.
     Making an album and being locked down in a studio is tedious work, but at the end of the day it’s good hard honest work.  When you listen to the finished product and you know all that went into making the music you feel a strong sense of accomplishment.
     As for the fans all you can do as an artist is hope that they connect with the songs in the same way that you do.

     Ross CAT-
While you produced record with Scott Hendrickson this is the first time in your career you didn’t have a hand in writing the lyrics for this album; yet you managed to capture the essence of the songs with vigor and passion.
     What challenges does it present for a vocalist when singing songs written by another lyricist like
“Never Ever Gone” and “If It Isn’t One Thing”?
C.C.- That’s a great question; I told Scott at the very beginning if we are going to listen to outside stuff then I have to find a different place to grab hold of the songs.
     Anyone who knows me knows that I wear my heart on my sleeve there’s no getting around it, whatever I’m thinking or feeling at the time shows in my face. If I’m singing the words and not  feelin it in my heart there’d be no hidin it.
     By nature I’m an emotional person sometimes to a fault in certain facets of my life. When it comes to singing a song there’s no holding back, I let it all hang out.
     Ross CAT-
All four of your studio releases have made it into the Top 20 in the U.S. Country Charts; do you think it’s time to put together a live concert DVD on the strength of the “My Life’s Been a Country Song” tour?
     C.C.-It’s funny you mention that I was just talking with some industry folks about that recently. It’s something you have to be real careful with when filming a live show.  In some cases it can make or break a career.  It would have to be done the way I want it done, I don’t mean that in the sense of being a control freak, what I mean is that I would need to be in complete control of the content and its presentation.
     I certainly think I’m ready to put my heart and soul into a project like that.  I’m confident in the fact that this current live show is as good as it’s ever been.
     We had
Paradise rockin’ on our last visit, I can promise this new live set will have the “Jam In The Valley” jumpin’.
Ross CAT-
Sounds like folks might be saying they went to a Country Music Jamboree this weekend and a “Rock ‘n’ Roll show broke out.
     When you’re invited to participate on the CMT Crossroads series what artist would you like to share songs and the stage with?

 Well this may sound a little crazy but I’d have to say the first guy that comes to mind would be BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.
     If I really thought about it I’d like to see the Boss perform “Miss Me Baby” or “
Laredo”, or maybe he’d be into having a little fun with “Chicks Dig It”.
     As far as his music I’d love to sing just about anything, I’ve been singing “Glory Days” since I was a kid.
     And if the Boss wouldn’t have me then I’d like to kick it around with
     Ross CAT-
Lastly CHRIS over the past few years you’ve gone through some well documented personal trials and tribulations in the public spotlight. Do you think that being a straight shooter has opened you up open for some unfair criticism at times?
C.C.- I could sit here and tell you that’s something I don’t worry about but that’s just not realistic.  I know in my career I’m going to cross paths with all kinds of people, they can write what they want to write about me.  When they start writing shit about me that’s true then I guess I’ll  start to worry.
     I know that it’s rare that I mistreat another human being and on the occasions that I have I’ve held myself accountable for it.  I usually go to bed at night and sleep pretty well.
     Ross CAT-
I for one would like to go on record as saying that I’ve had the privilege of working with you as both a journalist and promoter with the Back II Back Entertainment Group and you couldn’t have been more gracious or accommodating in your dealings with Club Paradise and your fans.
     C.C.- Well I really do appreciate that, please give our best to everyone and we’re looking forward to spending our 4th of July weekend with the great folks of
Western New York.
The ROCK RAPPORT would like to Thank CHRIS CAGLE for his valuable time; we’d also like to Thank Kat Atwood from Music City News Media for hooking this up.
     For more summer tour information and to get your copy of
“My Life’s Been a Country Song” go to; for tickets to this weekends “Jam In The Valley” which also features GRETCHEN WILSON, JOSH TURNER and THE OAKRIDGE BOYS go to
     The ROCK RAPPORT ( would like to wish everyone a Happy & Safe 4th of July Weekend!!!

*************PEACE & HARMONIES**********

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