by Ross CAT

April 23rd to April 30th
By Ross Cat.
  RUNNIN WITH THE “RED” BULL….. After a long winter here in Western New York what could possibly top a week on a Carnival Cruise sailing from the beautiful coast of California to the sandy white beaches of Cabo San Lucas? The answer to that is simple the first annual “Are We Having Fun Yet , SAMMY HAGAR “Red Rocker” cruise sponsored by Rosetours ( out of PHILADELPHIA.
   NIGHTLIFE Magazine had the enormous privilege to spend a week on the Carnival Pride with 800 rock and roll redheads as we sailed our way across the Pacific to a destination known as the Cabo Wabo Cantina. The cruise was just a little taste of what SAMMY HAGAR has in store for fans this summer on his upcoming “Livin it Up” tour. HAGAR and the WABOS will be pulling up their truckloads of fun into Buffalo on Friday July 7th at the Darien Lake PAC, you can go to ( for ticket information. Balancing out the summer tour will be the “The Other Half”, which will feature VAN HALEN bassist and background vocal extraordinaire MICHAEL ANTHONY ( He will join SAMMY and the WABOS for a set of VH classics making sure the redheads get the “Best of Both Worlds”. Be sure to check out the July 3rd issue of NIGHTLIFE as we will speak with both SAMMY and MICHAEL about the summer of surprises and fun.
    While SAMMY himself wasn’t aboard the ship his infectious spirit could be felt throughout the massive vessel the entire week, as his loyal network of redheads did what they do best and that is have FUN. While most of the cruisers came from the west coast, BUFFALO and TORONTO did our best to represent, with one group even traveling all the way from AUSTRALIA. When we asked if security was the reason he couldn’t attend the cruise, SAMMY explained; “Hell no, believe it or not I get so damn seasick it’s not even funny, I own a couple of boats myself and have never left the dock on one of them”.
   The Redrocker has always exemplified professionalism and graciousness in an industry that is in to many ways full of itself. Putting together this cruise is just another example of how unique his relationship is with his fans, and how he truly does believe that we all need to “Give to Live”. That being said, it should come as no surprise that in his absence on the cruise SAMMY would choose only people whom he trusts and respects to represent him. Let us begin by introducing the REDHEAD crew:
  AARON HAGAR- The multi-talented son of the legendary rocker is a kind hearted soul who has embraced the opportunities that life has afforded him and would make any father proud. He made himself available the entire week to fans and seemed to genuinely enjoy conversing with his father’s fan faithful. AARON also established himself as a bona fide vocalist showing off his musical genes as he and the WABO’S rocked the redheads with an amazing performance. Aaron’s vocal skills shined as he covered many of Dad’s hits from MONTROSE to VAN HALEN and all points in between. I asked AARON if he had any desire to make a go of it in the music biz, he explained; “I did have a chance to sign a record deal in the nineties but I chose a different direction. I had seen all the sacrifices that my father and my family had to make so I  declined. I decided on a different path of creativity with art, I’m happy and I truly enjoy my life and what I’m doing”. AARON is an accomplished painter and many of his paintings were displayed and sold throughout the week on the ship. Surf your way to his website @ to view his exceptional work. AARON also manages the TAHOE WABO in Lake Tahoe which is quickly living up to its parent companies reputation. When asked what it was like to grow up as the son of the RED ROCKER, Aaron explains; “It’s been a privilege, after all I’ve seen and done and experienced it’s been great. I’ve shared so many great memories and enjoyed every single one of them. It also has its challenges too, Dad always likes to remind me that he is the ruler of all space, time and the universe you know".
   RONNIE MONTROSE…..What more can be said about this legendary guitarist and founder of MONTROSE. His addition to the cruise only sweetened the deal as the Redheads knew we were in the presence of rock royalty. While it may have been over thirty years ago when RONNIE and SAMMY spiked your speakers with “Rock Candy” and “Bad Motor Scooter”, his rock and roll appetite is still alive and very well; he and the WABO’S primed us up pounding out a sizzling set on the ship with singer KEITH ST. JOHN. We asked RONNIE how he got reeled into the REDROCKER cruise; “I’ve been working on a new record and Sammy came out and recorded a track with me, so it kind of started off that way. I’ve never been on a cruise and I’ve been telling him I would make it to his club in Cabo so here I am”. RONNIE too has a busy summer coming up, he and his band will “Rock The Nation”, as he just finished up some shows here in the Northeast. Check out his website @ for more information on tour dates and his upcoming new album.
   THE WABO’S…..Last but most certainly not least are SAMMY’S band mates. They treated each and every person on the cruise with great kindness and patience, making themselves available for conversations, photos and just hanging out by the pool. They did all this despite the fact that this was a working vacation as they played three kick ass shows within a four day span. This group of musicians fits right into the redhead family formula of mischievous fun.  The WABO’S talents are sorely underrated only because of the previous company kept by SAMMY prior to them forming. Their loyalty and understanding of their leader’s legacy should not to be underestimated in the music biz:
   DAVE (BRO) LAUSER….. His skills behind the drum kit are stunning. He and HAGAR have been playing together since they were teenagers in CALIFORNIA. “BRO was the first person I thought of calling when I split with VH in 1995”, says HAGAR. We asked BRO how he felt when SAMMY reunited with VH for the 2004 reunion. "It really didn’t surprise me all that much. I’ve known Sam along time and he always wants to do what’s best for his fans. Only a small percentage of me ever thought that the WABO’S wouldn’t  play together again".  For more information on BRO go to
   VICTOR (VIC) JOHNSON….. This accomplished guitarist most certainly took on a daunting task when he joined SAMMY back in 1996, and he has done so quite successfully. He has blazed his own trail since joining the WABORITA’S with his searing solos. Most importantly, his ability to perform songs with his own style and sound from the HAGAR classic catalog is commendable. VH fans should really give a listen to his work on “Marching to Mars” and “Not for Sale”, if your into guitars you won’t be disappointed. We had the chance to ask VIC what it was like when he got the call to audition, he explains; “I knew this could be a big break for me.  I thought what should I do, I wasn’t sure if I should go in and throw down on some Van Halen or what.  When I arrived I decided to throw Sammy a curve and started jamming on some MONTROSE, I think I surprised him with that". For more information on VIC go to
   MONA…..The bassist for the WABO’S certainly does hold her own against the boys, as she embodies power on stage. Don’t let the flowing long black hair fool you, this biker babe can throw down a bass line with the best of them. By the looks of it on stage she’s the one that keeps this group of mischievous merry men in line. We asked her what it was like when she got the call to audition for the WABORITA’S; “Actually BRO recommended me for the position so I got a call from Sam to audition and got the gig. Funny thing is when I got there the studio was a mess so I started rearranging things so I could set up my gear and VIC thought I was the maid”. Not to be overlooked is the fact that MONA has been willing to step aside for the good of the music sharing duties with MICHAEL ANTHONY on bass. This is one sister that belongs in a brotherhood. You can check out MONA’S award winning site at
    Following a week of spectacular events and festivities the fever began to rise as we neared our destination of CABO SAN LUCAS. The Redheads were primed and ready to rock the world famous CABO WABO CANTINA. They herded us off the ship onto shore as we anxiously awaited our host, as SAMMY appeared he seemed overwhelmed at the reception. To everyone’s surprise they opened the gate and off we ran with HAGAR leading the way. All 800 redheads were off and running through the streets of CABO with SAMMY right along side shaking hands and taking pictures. As we arrived at the CANTINA the CABO WABO Tequila was flowing with great abundance and abandon and so was the rock and roll.
   SAMMY and the WABO’S took the stage and put on a blistering performance despite the fact it was 11:30am. RONNIE MONTROSE joined HAGAR for a raging rendition of “Rock Candy”, and closing out the last hour of the set was a special guest appearance by none other then MICHAEL ANTHONY. They entire venue was in a frenzy while they tore through several VH classics.
    All we can say at NIGHTLIFE is what a way to kick off a world tour. It promises to be an eventful day at the Darien Lake PAC on July 7th, you don’t want to miss it. Our July 3rd issue will have more of the SAMMY HAGAR interview as well as a chat with MICHAEL ANTHONY.
    Be sure to keep checking, for set lists from the tour which began this weekend, as well as information on the 2nd Annual CABO WABO Cruise. Like SAMMY says; “Born to Rock, Built to Last”

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