by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

Featuring: Brian Johnson/Cliff Williams (AC/DC)
                 Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow)
                 Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad)
                 Steve Luongo (John Entwistle Band)
B.B. KINGS ---New York City July 15th and 17

    THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT….. The late JOHN ENTWISTLE long ago secured his living legacy with the booming bass lines that anchored the WHO spanning nearly four decades of success, highlighted by the bands induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. That being said it will be the spirit of the JOHN ENTWISTLE FOUNDATION (www. that will speak volumes to who the man really was.  “The Ox” as he was affectionately known by family, friends and fans leaves behind far more then the staggering body of work of the WHO, he leaves us with the essence of giving back to those in need.
    *Founded by his dynamic drummer STEVE LUONGO the JOHN ENTWISTLE FOUNDATION will be the pulse of a “Generation” of underprivileged children “Gettin in Tune” as they are able to flourish in the joys of music.
    *With the 2007 summer tour season in full swing with acts like the POLICE and GENESIS scoring top dollar with reunion shows across the globe; one tour that most certainly is a “Bargain” is the CLASSIC ROCK CARES tour.  The elite group of vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll vets will “Join Together” for a series of shows in June and July to help support this worthy cause.
    *For fans of the many great artists on the CLASSIC ROCK CARES tour that can’t attend the shows please be sure to visit the site at to make a donation.  There are tour tee shirts available with the proceeds going directly to the kids.

*The ROCK REPORT had the distinct honor to speak with two of Rocks most discernable voices who will be lending their legendary vocals to the CLASSIC ROCK CARES ALL STAR LINE-UP.
    Upon seeing the shows @ B.B. Kings ( the Rock Report would not be doing its Rock and Roll duty if we didn’t recognize the stellar band backing the foundation front men.  On lead guitar is the smoking strings of world-class guitarist MARK HITT, and on bass doing “The Ox” more than proud is JEFF GANZ.

One of the most daunting tasks in Rock ‘n’ Roll history may well have been preserving the powerhouse sound of the mighty AC/DC following the loss of the legendary BON SCOTT.  While SCOTT’S aura will never be replaced, BRIAN JOHNSON wasted no time establishing a new era in the band steamrolling ahead with the landmark record “Back in Black”. Check in the bands official site for updates on a new album and 2008 tour @

    Ross CAT-
Thank you BRIAN for your valuable time, this really is a worthy cause and kudos to the guys who are donating their time and talent.

    BRIAN JOHNSON- No problem at all I’m going to be a complete slut about promoting this series of shows.  We need money to help these children and we are going to do everything humanly possibly to raise the awareness of this great foundation.
STEVE LUONGO along with my AC/DC mate CLIFF WILLIAMS has done a tremendous amount of work to do just that. CLIFF who has been on the board invited myself to dinner a while back and asked me if I would like to sing a few songs and it just so happens that’s what I do, so naturally I said YES and we’ve had a ball ever since.
    *While many of the artists on the board will be doing several of the gigs there are many more who contribute in other ways like
PETER FRAMPTON, ROGER GLOVER (Deep Purple), LESLIE WEST (Mountain), and football star DOUG FLUTIE.
    *While the primary purpose of this particular tour is to help in the funding of musical education for underprivileged children, the JOHN ENTWISTLE FOUNDATION is universal in its contributions.  Through concerts and auctions they have helped in the Disaster Relief of Hurricane Katrina as well as The March of Dimes, The Children’s Cancer Hospital, and Alliance of the Arts.  While there are only a limited number of shows music fans and friends can continue to donate year round at

    Ross CAT-
You mentioned how much you’ve enjoyed this experience jamming with these accomplished artists, tell us about the new material that came about from these sessions?  As a matter of fact a very cool new song can be heard at the foundation website called
“Chain Gang on the Road”.

BRIAN JOHNSON- Oh thanks so much we wrote that in about a half hour, CLIFF pulled out the banjo and STEVE started tapping away, it was loads of fun.  The song isn’t on a record but we did write three or four new songs to take out on the road with us for the foundation.  We know the fans attending the shows are looking forward to hearing the hits but we also wanted to put a little effort in to give fans that are supporting the shows something special.  We put together a couple of crackin’ songs, one is called “Blood Alley” and the other one is kind of a funny song about the “lords lettuce” that will be featured on the TOTALLY BAKED soundtrack.
    *Ross please let folks now that this charity is unique in the respect that all of the monies collected will go directly to the children, that’s why I got involved, to me that is so cool.  So many children in this world face hardships through no fault of their own and we hope to help them by giving them the opportunities that we had as aspiring musicians.
doesn’t have a big office or staff in
New York City to support.  Each and every musician that is performing is doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, not one person hesitated about donating their time in helping JOHN reach out as you said for “Generations” to come.

    Ross CAT.-
Lastly BRIAN I would be lynched by my readers and colleagues if I had you on the line and didn’t ask what is in store for AC/DC?

    BRIAN JOHNSON- Funny you should ask that, this little tour will be a bit of an adventure for both CLIFF and me.  CLIFF had an accident last year injuring the tendons in his hand so he has worked really hard in therapy, this will be his first time playing out.  As for me I get to give the old pipes a test run since it’s been almost five years since AC/DC
has been out on tour.
    *I can tell you this, the boys are in the studio in
LONDON, and so we’re ready to get off our asses.  After being on the road for thirty years we didn’t really feel the need to rush things. But I think now it’s time,  when ANGUS and company tell us their ready for us we’ll gladly head back into the studio.

    The ROCK REPORT would like to thank BRIAN JOHNSON for being so generous with his time.  We would also like to thank LAURIE LUONGO for her tireless efforts to help promote and support this worthy cause.

Like the libraries and schools that the CLASSIC ROCK CARES tour is helping fund,
Jersey born JOE LYNN TURNER’S Rock ‘n’ Roll resume reads like a musical encyclopedia, appearing on over forty albums.  His versatile vocals have made JLT the foremost front man in Melodic Rock worldwide over the last three decades.
    *JLT and his prolific pipes have Rocked along side music’s  most elite guitarist.  His work with RITCHIE BLACKMORE in both RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE was masterful under difficult circumstances.
    *While JLT has enjoyed a steady solo career he really shines in the coterie of guitar greats like YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN and GLENN HUGHES.

    Ross CAT-
Thanks JLT for your time and kudos also to you for being part of the CLASSIC ROCK CARES tour.

    JLT- Absolutely not a problem at all glad to do this for the worthy cause we are supporting.  This thing has been really snowballing and that’s a good thing.  This tour is just a small fraction of the folks who donate their time and effort, folks like ROBIN ZANDER (Cheap Trick), EDDIE MONEY and MARTHA QUINN are also giving generously.  The person who really deserves a majority of the credit is STEVE LUONGO an accomplished drummer who played along side THE OX for many years is the Founder and Executive Director of this righteous foundation.  Let us not forget LAURIE LUONGO whose contributions have been imperative.
BRIAN said we are really looking forward to playing these club dates.  The way things are going with our government it seems funding for things that we used to take for granted is no longer available,  especially to children of underprivileged families.
    *As accomplished musicians we look at our craft as an art, music is an endeavor that will forever help free the mind and spirit of every individual exposed; whether you are playing or just listening.
    * We want to share the gift of music and enable underprivileged families the opportunity to participate and more importantly enjoy it in any way he or she sees fit.
    *In simple terms In the memory of
JOHN ENTWISTLE we are going to hit the road and kick some ass for the kids.  It really is a great feeling to give back that in itself  is its own reward. 

    Ross CAT
- The tour sounds truly inspirational and THE ROCK REPORT is stoked to catch these two tremendous shows in NYC.
This has really been a busy year for yourself coming off a successful tour of
JAPAN in support of your new disc “Second Hand Life” which will be available in the States later this summer.

  JLT- Yeah it has been great, I’m always one to stay busy I’ve been blessed in that respect working with the many great musicians you mentioned earlier.
    *This little tour will be a blast; I’ve been on the road as you said in
JAPAN as well as RUSSIA, even after thirty years it’s like a dream being able to see the world doing what I love to do.
    * While I was in RUSSIA I had the honor to play for the PRIME MINISTER it was outrageous.  I even got to jam with my buddy YNGWIE MALMSTEEM it was a gas playing the old songs again.

  Ross CAT-
You’ve built yourself quite a reputation as being a go to guy on vocals for many of Rocks guitar virtuoso’s, tell us about those relationships?

    JLT-Well I’m not just a vocalist, I feel the combination of being a singer/songwriter and guitarist allows me to contribute in so many more ways in my collaborations.  I have been very fortunate to work with so many great musicians in many different settings.  My psychological makeup allows me to side step a lot of the bullshit and concentrate on making music.  I think that helps bring out the best in me and whomever I may be working with whether it’s BLACKMORE, MALMSTEEN or HUGHES.
    *The creative process can be volatile and that’s not always a bad thing, you just have to be able to channel all the emotion into something positive.  Whether I’m working in a band environment or as a solo artist I take pride in what I’m trying to express and how it translates to the listener, everyone I’ve ever worked with I believe shares that same passion.

The ROCK REPORT would like to thank JOE LYNN TURNER for his time as well as LISA WALKER for putting this together.  Be sure to check out his amazing catalog of work, as well as news on his new release “Second Hand Life” @

***************PEACE and HARMONIES***************

ROCK REPORT Concert Preview
Buffalo/Erie County Botanical Gardens 
Wednesday June 27th 2007

    EVERYBODY LOVES A HAPPY ENDING…..Since it’s inception in 2001, the NIGHTLIFE ROCK REPORT has strived to change the tune of those narrow minded masses who think that a classic Rock ‘n’ Roll band has nothing left to contribute to contemporary music.
    *One of those groups that fit those criteria is REO SPEEDWAGON, the band from the mid-west has been able to Rock and “Roll with the Changes” for almost four decades.  The Billboard busting band stormed the charts throughout the 70’s and 80’s with over a dozen top ten hits, they are at it again with a brand new record titled “Find Your Own Way Home”. The arena rockers that have sold over 40 million records and counting are “Back on the Road Again” in support of an eclectic collection of compelling new tunes.  The first single, the patented power ballad “I Needed to Fall”, is firing up the Adult Contemporary charts in the top twenty-five and can currently be heard as part of the STAR 102.5 ( rotation.
    * REO SPEEDWAGON is fresh off their first European tour in over two decades and plan on “Shakin’ it Loose” with a “Dangerous Combination” of classic cuts mixed with future classics from the new disc. This leg of the tour “Keeps on Rolling” into November, check out the bands website @ for dates and venues.
    *The ROCK REPORT had the chance to catch up with the aesthetic singer/songwriter KEVIN CRONIN as they prepare to present a very special acoustic set at the Buffalo/Erie Botanical Gardens this Wednesday Night as part of the STARRY NIGHT IN THE GARDEN Series.  The sixth annual event is presented by STAR 102.5; whose sister station by the way is 107.7 THE LAKE which also graciously carries the Lighthouse ROCK REPORT as part of their LAKE MUSICLocal Music Initiative”, be sure to check out their cool website @


    *Ross CAT- Thanks so much for your time, congratulations on the success of the new disc.
    While the band has successfully toured throughout its distinguished four decade career this will be the first tour in support of a new record in a decade.  Does that give this trek a different vibe bringing out fresh material?

No question about it.  We just returned from touring
EUROPE and we are hitting on all cylinders.  It’s great to play the songs that we all grew up with, but it really fires you up when you look into the crowd and see people of all ages singing the words to the new songs.

    Ross CAT-
The new CD “Find Your Own Way Home” has been in stores since April and is also available in WAL-MART stores in a very cool 3 digi-pack form.  It contains the aforementioned new release and is also accompanied by a recent unplugged session with the band at XM Studios.  The third disc is another XM performance from a few years back when the band revisited its masterpiece “Hi Infidelity Then Again...LIVE in celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary.  Tell us how that all came together?

    K.C.-The idea for the unplugged thing was really kind of a last second decision, at one point we thought it would be impossible to meet the release date. When we decided to add the extra material we had to change gears and pull a couple of all nighters.
    *That was part of the beauty and fun of making the new record, we worked hard but at a leisurely pace, there was no record label breathing down our necks.
    *I think after it was all said and done it really adds a rare component to the recording process behind the new songs. It was actually cool to share the intricacies of the new songs with any fan who truly wants to dig in that deep.

    Ross CAT-
Being from the generation that witnessed the staggering success of “Hi Infidelity”, I really appreciated the “Then Again…LIVE.  What was it like to re-record those songs after a quarter century?

    K.C.-The XM people have been really supportive of the band and have an amazing facility.
    *It was a bit challenging but we had a blast; we had literally never played the entire album straight through like that. As a matter of fact there are a few of the songs on the album that have never been played live by any incarnation of

    Ross CAT-
From a fan perspective it really brought back some memories not to mention tastefully touching up the classic tunes.  It was also a treat to hear consummate guitarist DAVE AMATO strut his stuff on the classic album.

Absolutely, obviously DAVE had some rather large shoes to fill in this band succeeding
GARY.  RICHRATH was REO  for a long period of time; he certainly taught me everything that I know about Rock ‘n’ Roll in a lot of ways.
    * That session definitely helped
DAVE put his signature on the songs; more importantly the recording of the “Find Your Own Way Home” music really loosened things up within the band, DAVE really added a shine to the new songs.  His guitar work on the new CD is exceptional, he worked extremely hard and stepped outside the box.  The communication level between prominent producer JOE VANNELLI and the group was truly inspirational.
    *This line-up has been together almost as long as the original line-up, everybody is really tuned into the inner workings of the group.  As a band
REO really does our best to serve the song, the song really does come first.
    *Dave is also the one that kept the power ballad “I Needed to Fall” alive during the recording sessions, there where times I wasn’t sure if we could find the right groove for it.  It ended up being the lead single and as you mentioned it’s climbing the charts.

    Ross CAT-
The new disc has been garnering rave reviews abroad; it combines an assortment of musical styles and arrangements, while harkening back to the classic REO sound and it’s influences.  Tell us about the song selection process?

    K.C.- The process really began back on the “Achilles Arch Tour” with our buds
STYX.  We didn’t have any expectations when we started this album.  I really think the success is due to the fact that this was written for all the right reasons.  It was about someone writing a song and getting excited about it.  As professional musicians that’s all it really takes to get the creative juices flowing and that’s exactly what we did.
    *It’s been a really great feeling and bonding experience for the band.  The fact that we are starting to reap the rewards of our hard work reaching the charts for the first time in nineteen years is just a bonus.
    * Honestly, the most awe- inspiring aspect about the whole experience is sharing this high with the fans both old and new.

Ross CAT-
Lastly, this Wednesday night will be an intimate evening with you and DAVE AMATO, tell us about what’s in store for fans?

    K.C.- We are really looking forward to the “Starry Night” event.  It will be an unplugged potpourri of REO songs with cool little story lines in between.
*I would like to say that we are hoping to make another stop later down the road on the tour with the full SPEEDWAGON in tow.

The ROCK REPORT would like to thank nice guy Rocker KEVIN CRONIN for checking in with us from the road.  We would also like to give a shout out to Anna Loynes of SCOOP Management for making it happen.

*************PEACE and HARMONIES*****************

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