by Ross CAT

by Ross Cat.
JOHN FOGERTY w/ Willie Nelson and Family: DARIEN LAKE PAC---Sunday August 13th
    THE LONG ROAD HOME is the aptly titled new Live Concert DVD from the former front man of CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL, and in so many ways it most certainly has been that for JOHN FOGERTY. The 1993 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and his career have endured many a “Bad Moon Rising” on his journey to the hallowed halls of CLEVELAND.
    It seems almost inconceivable that the first CCR record was released in 1968. Although it is bewildering that almost four decades have passed since their debut album, what makes it even more significant is the week of its release, Independence Day. The celebrated singer/songwriter has used his rockabilly soulful styling’s to strike the chord of social consciousness for  many years, the essential hits like “Proud Mary” and “Fortunate Son”, seem to blend right into his latest studio effort that it almost does seem like “Déjà vu All Over Again”.
    The 2004 aforementioned release is an inspired collection of songs from a man who has found happiness, or as he might call “Sugar Sugar (In My Life)”, through his wife, and fatherhood. Musically FOGERTY, it seems, has found peace accepting his legacy as he continues to write songs of relevancy. Sadly enough, one of those relevant issues still looming in our world some forty-years later is War. Another stand out track on the disc is “Nobody’s here Anymore”, which features an impassioned performance by DIRE STRAITS guitarist Mark Knopfler who lends his trademark licks to this state of society song.
    JOHN FOGERTY has been “Rockin’ All Over the World” in 2006, spending the early part of the summer in Europe tuning up for a late summer run in the U.S., which will include a stop at the Darin Lake PAC this Sunday, August 13th.
    The man who is keeping the beat for the “Travelin’ Band” will be our friend, award winning drummer, KENNY ARONOFF who once again was voted this year’s #2 studio drummer by Modern Drummer Magazine. NIGHTLIFE readers may remember we spoke with KENNY last October while he was touring with the BO DEANS, that interview is still available at our Rock Report webpage @
    Since his departure from JOHN MELLENCAMP, he has established himself as the most in demand percussionist in the industry today, both in the studio and on stage. Although he joined the FOGERTY tour after the release of the DVD “Long Road Home”, you can admire his precision and power on the MELISSA ETHERIDGE/ Lucky concert DVD, which is being shown this month on High-Def on our new Time Warner Cable.
    NIGHTLIFE was once again fortunate enough to snare a few minutes from the king of the kit KENNY ARONOFF from the road to give us a preview of the show and what the rest of 2006 has in store for him.
  R.CAT- Thanks so much for taking some time for us again. I know you’ve got to be the busiest guy in the music biz, going from tour to tour and pounding out studio sessions in between. Tell us how the JOHN FOGERTY/ Willie Nelson tour is going?

  KENNY- It’s really amazing being around these two legendary artists. All though their musical styles may slightly vary their songs are part of the fabric of our country. This is my third time out with JOHN and each time this band he has put together awes me. As far as WILLE I’ve had the pleasure of playing with him over the years, but this show is really fantastic. He is truly an historic figure in music.

  R. CAT- FOGERTY really seems to be at the top of his game these days. It almost seems that the decade off following all the legal matters with CCR and his record labels may have been beneficial in prolonging his career. Do you get that sense in working with him?

  KENNY- You’re exactly right.  It’s made him hungry and aggressive those are the types of musicians that I enjoy working with. The new music is full of passion and the classics are done with a new purpose.

  R. CAT- You’ll be on the road into September with FOGERTY then I see you’ll be banging out some more of your world famous drum clinics throughout ASIA and AUSTRAILIA in the fall. Is it the variety that you’ve implemented into you career that helps you stay driven?

  KENNY- I think so. I’ve been lucky enough to work with so many great musicians both in the studio and on the road; it’s easy to stay focused. As for the clinics and the instructional DVD’s that is something that I take both pride and joy doing. Sharing what I’ve learned is just as fulfilling as putting out a hit record.

  R. CAT- Speaking of records you’ll be appearing on a couple of new releases this fall.

  KENNY can be heard on the new ROD STEWART disc due in stores on October 10th called “Still the same…Great Rock Classic of our Time”. You’re also supplying the beat to a few artists who are making some noise in the industry with JAKE OWEN’s “Startin’ with Me”, as well as LENNON ( whose “Damaged Goods” disc will hit stores on September 19th. And if that isn’t enough you are also involved in the highly anticipated “Bat Out of Hell III….The Monster is Loose” from MEATLOAF. What can you tell us about that?
  KENNY- Yeah I’ve got a lot going these days. I did about half of the MEATLOAF album but I really haven’t got to hear anything except for the drum tracks that I did. I don’t think BAT III will disappoint it has an exceptional group of musicians playing on it including STEVE VAI and BRIAN MAY. His entire organization is uniquely talented.The music is very complex when working with MEATLOAF so it takes months to mix properly. That will be out around Halloween.
    NIGHTLIFE would once again like to thank dynamic drummer KENNY ARONOFF for his valuable time.  Please be sure to check out his first-rate website at
    YEAH BABY….For those of you not heading out Darien Lake on Sunday night another show that is well worth checking out is THE RANDIES.  The lady laced quartet will bring their bewitching rock and roll show to the ICON.
    LAURA CATALDO (guitar,vocals), SIENNA DeGOVIA(bass,vocals), LAURITA GUAICO(guitar, vocals), and drummer AARON “REX” POLK have spent the first part of July participating on the Vans Warped Tour.  Now they are ready to “Move On” as they will headline a series of dates to promote the release of their second record “Saw the Light”, which will roar into record stores on August 29th.  Check out the bands website @ for more info.


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