by Ross CAT

by Ross CAT

JOE LYNN TURNER (Rainbow, Deep Purple) - VINNY APPICE (Black Sabbath, Dio) - PHIL SOUSSAN (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol) - CARLOS CAVAZO (Quiet Riot)
CLUB PARADISE - Thursday March 27th
Special Guest:
That 80’s Hairband, Michael Hund’s Graffiti

The thunderous sound that will be roaring from the rafters inside Western New York’s premiere entertainment complex this Thursday night will be
    This unique band of Rock and Roll Road warriors has well over a century of Mountainous Music rushing through their veins.
    What sets this show apart from any other “All-Star” line-up is that each member of this band has had an integral part in the writing, recording and performing of the mega-hits that jam pack the
BIG NOIZE set list.

Without further ado let’s meet the Masters of Metal Mayhem
JOE LYNN TURNER has been one of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s consummate frontmen with over 60 album credits to his name in his illustrious thirty year career. JLT and his peerless pipes have fronted some of Rock’s most influential bands, recording and touring the globe with RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE.
    His stunning solo resume includes stints with guitar giants RITCHIE BLACKMORE, INGWIE MALMSTEEN and GLENN HUGHES.  His 2007 release “Second Hand Life” has garnered rave reviews worldwide and has had
JLT touring relentlessly throughout
EUROPE since its release.
In recent years
JLT has lent his time and talent to the CLASSIC ROCK CARES TOUR, this charitable organization was founded on behalf of the late great JOHN ENTWISTLE of the WHO.  The foundation was set up by musicians to give back to those in need, underprivileged children and those overwhelmed by disaster, be sure to check it out at
    JLT a longtime friend of the Rock Rapport has numerous projects in the works for 2008 to go for updates.
    BASSIST: Anchoring the band with his booming Bass lines is the multi-faceted bassist / songwriter / producer
PHIL SOUSSAN. Born in England, SOUSSAN penned one of OZZY OSBOURNE’S biggest hits “Shot in the Dark” as well as being part of the “Madman’s” touring band.
SOUSSAN has also recorded and toured with BILLY IDOL, JOHN WAITE, VINCE NEIL, and guitar greats JIMMY PAGE and STEVE LUKATHER (TOTO); he is also an accomplished producer working on the other side of the glass with DOKKEN, JANI LANE(Warrant), TOTO and BLUES TRAVELER.
His musical diversity has also scored
SOUSSAN a seat on the prestigious Board of the GRAMMY’S (NARAS).
    Check out
PHIL SOUSSAN and clips from his impressive 2006 solo album “Vibrate” at
    DRUMS: Features definitive drummer VINNY APPICE who provided the pummeling pulse behind legendary acts the likes of DIO and BLACK SABBATH.
    Most recently APPICE kindled the kit on the immensely successful HEAVEN AND HELL Reunion tour; a new record and another tour is said to be in the works for 2008.
    APPICE is also slated to make another appearance in the area next month as
DERRINGER will kick off their reunion tour at the BEAR’S DEN SHOWROOM inside the SENECA NIAGARA CASINO ( for two special performances on Tuesday April 22nd and Wednesday April 23rd.
    Keep an eye and an ear out as the Rock Rapport will be chatting with VINNY next month.  VINNY is also the younger brother of legendary drummer CARMINE APPICE of VANILLA FUDGE fame. Check VINNY out at
CARLOS CAVAZO is the absolute axeman who spent the bulk of his career shredding his strings to the Metal mischief of the multi-platinum selling band QUIET RIOT. CAVAZO has been involved with several projects in the virile L.A. music scene with bands like HOLLYWOOD ALL-STARZ and 3 LEGGED DOG.
    Thursday night will also be special as
BIG NOIZE along with original QUIET RIOT member CARLOS CAVAZO will play songs to help Western New Yorkers celebrate the life and music of the late KEVIN DuBROW.
    Check out

    The Rock Rapport had the good fortune to chat with PHIL as he and BIG NOIZE ( break out their arsenal of hits for an East Coast jaunt that includes a stop at CLUB PARADISE this Thursday Night.
    Ross CAT- Thanks Phil for your time; give us a little background on how this talented group of musicians came together?

PHIL SOUSSAN - The concept of putting this group together came through a mutual friend outside of the music industry. The project was presented to us as something to have a bit of fun with, so he was the catalyst. After some discussions and coordination of all the hectic schedules involved we made it to Nashville for some rehearsals which subsequently lead to a live performance which was captured on video.
    Ross CAT-This isn’t your mainstream All-Star line-up, every song included in the stellar BIG NOIZE set list has a direct connection with the band members. Was it the fact that this particular line-up is able to take all these great classic songs out to the fans without compromising or misrepresenting their legacy?
PHIL SOUSSAN - That pretty much hits the nail on the head as far as describing the thought process in putting together this polished group of players; it’s important to each of us as individuals and as a group to perform these songs while still protecting the integrity of their origins. I think that comes much easier when you’ve been involved with a song and its heritage from its inception.
    What really fueled the fire for me was when I saw all these bands from our era reforming with substantial line-up changes, groups like FOREIGNER and BAD COMPANY going out and playing the songs that the people want to hear.
    In fact one of the best live shows I’ve seen in the past few years was FOREIGNER, the only original player in the band is founding member MICK JONES. It really was a great show the venue was packed, everyone from the stage to the last seat in the house was having a blast.
    That being said, BIG NOIZE has a challenge in the respect that we can’t go out and tour as OZZY,  DEEP PURPLE or QUIET RIOT, those names belong to someone else.  We had to find common musical ground and BLACK SABBATH was the connection that tied us all together at one point or another in our careers.
    So what we have to do now is to take the name BIG NOIZE which we’ve branded ourselves with and take it to the fans, and that’s exactly what we plan to do this week in BUFFALO.

    Ross CAT- One of the difficulties with putting together this type of group is the other projects that everyone is involved with, how does that affect the cohesiveness of writing, recording and touring?

    PHIL SOUSSAN - That certainly can be a hurtle when working with a group of high caliber musicians who are in such great demand like VINNY, JOE and CARLOS.
    We look at those other opportunities that each individual takes on as a chance to expand on what we are doing when they step away for another project.
    We all realize this may take time to materialize into a number one priority for all involved so we are extremely supportive of each other when something outside of BIG NOIZE presents itself.
    BIG NOIZE is and was a well designed concept, our schedules and other commitments where all laid out on the table from day one. For instance this summer looks very exciting for VINNY APPICE, he is working with HEAVEN and HELL, he’s also touring with the reunited DERRINGER line-up so we’ve planned ahead for that, we’ve already had discussions with Big Brother CARMINE to step in.  The cool thing about that is he has played with OZZY so the BIG NOIZE concept still stays in tact.

    Ross CAT-Lets talk about your accomplished career; as mentioned earlier congratulations on being an elected Member of the GRAMMY’S BOARD OF GOVERNORS. Tell us about the prestigious honor?

    PHIL SOUSSAN- Thanks so much, I consider it a great privilege. It’s really a humbling experience to be recognized by your peers, most importantly the fact that they’ve instilled there trust in me to represent them is even more of an honor.
    I feel an obligation as both a musician and a member to help ensure that artists from all genres of music are properly compensated for their contributions. I know it’s an issue that often gets either criticized or overlooked and I don’t want go off topic of the great Rock ‘n’ Roll show we have in store this Thursday night for BUFFALO, anyone interested in more information can go to
    Ross CAT-My readers would hang me like one of OZZY’S midgets from the “Diary of a Madman” tour if we didn’t talk a little about your time in the band. Tell us about the song you wrote “Shot in the Dark” from the “Ultimate Sin’ record?
PHIL SOUSSAN - It’s really amazing how a song can take on a life of its own. 
I had written the song several years before I joined Ozzy; at that time it was first recorded, but never released while I was in a band called WILDLIFE which included drummer SIMON KIRKE, who by the way predicted that it would one day be a hit.
    When it was originally presented to OZZY he wasn’t to keen on the slant of the song; a few days before we went into the studio to lay down the vocal tracks JAKE LEE, RANDY CASTILLO and myself where hanging out watching the movie PRIZZI’S HONOR and I started taking notes. It wasn’t really based on the movie it was more of an inspiration.
    It was really a wonderful experience in the sense that the song grew with me as an artist and then to have it become a huge success for the band was even more gratifying.

    The ROCK RAPPORT would like to thank PHIL SOUSSAN for his valuable time along with our friend LISA WALKER for putting it together.
    It would be the “STONE COLD” “ULTIMATE SIN” to miss out on this Superstar concert event; so “Cum on Feel the Noize” as this “Mob” of Heavy Hitting Hard Rockers is sure to break all the “Rules” with a wealth of “Classic Metal Hits” at
CLUB PARADISE this Thursday night. To preview the show check out the DVD trailer of BIG NOIZE blasting out all the hits they made famous at
    Tickets are $15.00 in advance and $20.00 day of show and are available at; all Tops locations, and inside the
CLUB PARADISE Clarion Hotel 24/7 Box office located on McKinley Parkway in Blasdell.
    This is another essential
BACK II BACK Entertainment Group Event.

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