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- Party tent rentals, party accessories and supplies for Buffalo and WNY.
Turnstyle Design Womens Clothing
Turnstyle Designs
Clothing Boutique & Women's Apparel in Buffalo, New York
Buffalo Horse Drawn Carrige Rentals
Buffalo Horse Drawn Carrige Rentals and Sleigh Rides
Wedding dresses for Buffalo NY
Wedding Dresses / Bridal Gowns Buffalo
Christines Bridal is a WNY family owned and operated Bridal Boutique.
Lewis and Klark Jazz Guitar Duo
Lewis and Klark
Guitar Duo -
Corporate Entertainment, Private Party and Wedding Entertainers, Club Entertainment.
Heirloom Photography of Clarence, NY
Heirloom Photography
Specializing in Black and White, Sepia and Hand-Colored Portraits, Exceptional Wedding Photography With a Journalistic Flair, Old Photos Copied and Expertly Restored, Custom Framing
JR Productions
WNY's #1 Wedding Entertainment Source for Live Bands and Sound Systems
Stephanie Robb Jewelry
Stephanie Robb Jewelry
Specializing in hand-made jewelry and one-of-a-kind design.
Entertainment Plus Sound
Entertainment Plus - Western New York’s Finest Sound Systems for Weddings
Buffalo Wedding Bands
Buffalo Wedding Bands -the most trusted and professional Wedding Band entertainment for your Special Day.
ESI Booking Agency
ESI Booking Agency
entertainment for your wedding or next event. Dance bands, Rock bands and tribute bands.
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WNY Breeders
Portuguese Water Dogs
Greg Kerl Automotive
Greg Kerl Automotive Complete Car & Truck Service Center
(716) 685-3989
Jerry's Collision and Classic Auto Restoration
Jerry's Collision and Classic Auto Restoration -repairs on domestic and foreign cars.
The Buffalo Octagon Association
The Buffalo Octagon Association -founded in 1983 by a few MG enthusiasts who decided it was time Buffalo and the surrounding area was represented at the international level.

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Zales: America's Diamond Store Since 1924 - Shop
How To Deal With Stress
Simple Stress Busting Strategies
By Lynne Lee

Everybody has days when they are stressed and overwhelmed; times when there is too much to do, and too little time to do it. If you are feeling stressed, ask yourself whether everything is really as urgent as your stress implies. What is the worst thing that could happen? Would it really be so bad, or are you 'awfulizing'?

Resist panicing when there is too much to do and not enought time to do it, panic just makes the situation even more difficult. You don't need to give in to feelings of overwhelm or panic, there is a solution.

"The field of consciousness is tiny. It accepts only one problem at a time." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Just think about that for a moment, it is a big clue as to how to deal with stress. You can only effectively deal with one thing at a time.

"Mile by mile, life's a trial. Yard by yard, life is hard. But inch by inch, life's a cinch."

You can use this truth to help you tackle your overflowing plate and accomplish the seemingly impossible. Make a list of all the things you have to do today and deal with them one at a time. Then start by shortening your list. Delegate what somebody else could do and remove things that don't really need to be done today from your list.

Once you have done that, deal with the things that will take just a few minutes. You will soon shorten your list and it will begin to feel like you are achieving something.

Next, tackle the most important thing and work at it until it is done. Then deal with the next important thing. Focus on one thing at a time and congratulate yourself every time you cross something off your list.

When you set yourself short term realistic goals you will position yourself for success and begin to eliminate the feeling of stress. Once you have a realistic plan and know that you have a good chance of success you will find it easier to stay motivated.

When your goals are realistic and you believe you can do something, you will find it easier to succeed. If you think you can't, or you don't think you have a chance of doing what you need to do, you have lost before you even begin.

If you want to defeat overwhelm and lead a stress free life, set realistic short term goals that will help you to accomplish what needs to be done.

The key to a successful yet stress free life is to stretch yourself a little and step beyond your comfort zone while keeping things achievable and remember that

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time." J. Lubbock

Article Source:

Jobs That Last Even in Tough Economic Times
By: Shirley McNeal

We are told that our country is not in a recession, but it certainly appears that way and feels that way to many Americans. All the signs point in that direction which means that the economy and the job market are chaotic. Even though there is no career that is absolutely secure in these disorderly times, it is important to take measures to ride out the storm until the economy is more stable. There are, however, some jobs that handle the fluctuations of the economy much better than others. Instead of finding yourself headed to the unemployment line, consider finding a career that is more secure and can withstand the turbulent times of a troubled economy.

Even though there are no careers that are absolutely immune from the poor economic situation, there are some careers that are better able to withstand the recession than others. Here are a few factors to consider:

*Consider a job that is high in demand.

*Consider jobs that require special skills.

*Consider jobs that provide necessary goods and services.

*Consider jobs offered by stable and reputable companies.

According to some recent statistics, there have been some occupations harmed by the economic downturn such as: construction, retail businesses and transportation. There are some occupations that have been able to withstand the pressures of a troubled economy. The following is a list of the ones we need to consider in times of a recession:

*Healthcare and pharmaceutical careers will always have a place in our society. As people become older and the demand for healthcare increases then more physicians, physicians' assistants, registered nurses, and pharmacists will be needed to meet the demand.

*Education will be necessary to meet the demand of educating children, youth and young adults at many educational levels. Therefore, there will always be a need for teachers and educational administrators across our nation.

*Sales-Marketing careers are of value because these positions often help to increase business and save money for the company.

*Computer-Technology careers with emphasis on managing databases and programming software are more secure in their jobs. Having the specialized skills of being able to know the inner workings of computers and being able to work with complex computer systems will give you an advantage.

*Accounting careers will continue to be needed as tax laws change and more laws imposed on the nation. Careers in accounting remain secure during recessions.

*Environmental careers should remain a secure area of employment since the green movement is in demand. It may be a good time to consider a career in an environmental field.

Careers that offer advice on how to stretch the dollar are usually in demand. Play it smart and plan ahead by preparing for careers that are high in demand and fine-tune your skills to bring value and benefit to the organization.

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Mr. Ventry's Pizzeria
Mr. Ventry's Pizzeria
We serve Niagara Falls, Lasalle and the Town of Niagara offering the finest Pizza, Wings, Subs, Antipasto, Fingers, Ribs, Fish and Fresh Salads.
Potts Deli and Grille

Potts Deli & Grille specializing in homemade Polish food including our "Award Winning Pierogies

Apple Cider and Apples - Smith's Orchard Cider Mill
Smith's Orchard Cider Mill of Lockport, NY. Offering the sweetest apple cider and the freshest apples in the Buffalo/Niagara area.
Buffalo Contractors
Ventry Concrete Services Buffalo NY
VENTRY Concrete is family owned and operated. We specialize in commercial and residential concrete services, concrete driveways and stamped concrete patios.
Darling Paint residential and commercial paint contractor
Darling Paint
Residential and Commercial Painting Contractor in Buffalo New York
Solid Ground Concrete Buffalo NY
Solid Ground Concrete
With over 20 years experience in concrete construction, concrete driveway and the decorative stamped concrete industry, you are guaranteed
Bison Bath & Kitchen Design
Bison Bath & Kitchen Design - Kitchen & Bath Remodeling / Cash & Carry Showroom / Design & Plan.
Henry Services
Henry Services - professional landscaping and lawn care services company that has been serving the Buffalo and WNY area since 1997
asbestos removal and demolition
Regional Environmental
Demolition Inc. (R.E.D.)

Demolition and asbestos abatement.
Western New York's Premier Home Appliance Showroom
KKitchen Co.
Countertops, Cabinetry, Kitchen Cabinets and the finest appliances and cutlery for Buffalo and the Western New York area.
Grandview Construction Inc
Grandview Construction Inc. is a general contractor specializing in commercial construction including new construction, interior and exterior renovations and building additions.
Rivers Edge Construction
Rivers Edge Construction
Interioir Trim and Finish Carpentry Specialist. Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling for Western New York.
Judys Landscaping
Judys Landscaping Landscaping service and unique garden gifts including Eycatchers and Stepping Stones.
Aquaman Pools
AquaMan Pools
Building Pools in WNY Since 1981. Featuring Esther Williams & Johnny Weissmuller Inground Pools.

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