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"What Women Want"
By Mira Harber
    If you want to smile, laugh out loud a few times, and have a couple of hours while away at the movies to beat the winter blues, this is definitely a film to catch.
    Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) is a super, male-pig, and macho advertising exec that suddenly knows what women want. This is not because of years of sensitivity training - no, instead he is electrocuted while using his daughter's hairdryer, and suddenly he can hear what all women are thinking.
   This comes as quite a shock when he discovers that not all women think him nearly as charming as he thinks himself!! "Whoa, lighten up on the after-shave bud." "If I have to listen to another idiotic joke, smile and pretend I think itís funny" - well, you get the picture. What women say and think can be two quite different things.
     Marisa Tomei has a charming, small part as a local coffee maker that finally allows Nick to seduce her. His attempts to get a satisfactory rating during sex with her are priceless indeed. Mel's new boss is, of course, a woman.  Darcy (Helen Hunt) expects trouble from Nick, his reputation having proceeded him. When she asks the advertising team to come up with some new ideas for a series of feminine products such as pantyhose, lipstick, leg-wax and mascara Mel manfully takes it all home and gives it a whirl. Because he can now read Darcy's mind, Nick steals some of her best ideas and passes them off as his own before she can utter the words out loud. 
     Mel is always a charmer, and even if he and Helen Hunt aren't the perfect couple, they are certainly an entertaining one. What Women Want will be guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


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