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"The Closet"
By Mira Harber
   One of the refreshing things about the French comedy The Closet  is that it is resolutely NOT politically correct. Four bona-fide French movie stars are in this amusing tale of an incredibly boring accountant who is about to lose his job.
   Francois Pignon (the brooding Daniel Auteil, last seen in Buffalo as the defiant military husband in The Widow of St. Pierre) plays the anit-hero of the story. He has worked at the same job in the same place - a condom factory- for twenty years and now he is about to be fired. Heís the kind of man who does his job,  makes no trouble, and look at the reward he gets! His really bitchy wife left him two years ago (he still loves her madly) and he is sneered at by their teen-aged son. He is dismissed as a bore by his colleagues -  until now.
   When faced with the prospect of unemployment, Pignon tells his sad tale to his next door neighbour, a lonely old man named Belone (Michel Aumont) who has only a small grey kitten for companionship. Belone comes up with an idea - in these politically correct days who would dare to fire a gay man, especially in a condom factory? He concocts some misleading photos of Pignon, sends them to his office and suddenly Pignonís world changes.  Heís not a bore, he was being discrete. Instead of being fired, heíll be promoted. His sexy boss now finds him intriguing. Even his wife and son take a new interest in him.
   The main actors in this film are French heavy-weights. Gerard Depardieu plays the homophobic head of personnel, Jean Rocquefort the company CEO, and Thierry Lhermitte the office troublemaker. With all of this firework this could have been a brilliant movie, instead itís just a cute little comedy that is a nice way to while away 90 minutes, but it wonít change your life.
   If youíre looking for some fun, nothing too thought provoking, and want to see four of the best French actors around having fun, The Closet is the film for you.


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