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"State and Main"
By Mira Harber
    David Mamet wrote and directed this very funny movie about a film company that arrives in a small Vermont town to complete a 'work in progress' that was abruptly halted when the stars' (Alec Baldwin) penchant for underage girls got him into trouble. Baldwin, the cast and crew of the film, were booted out of town due to his indiscretions, and arrive in Waterford, Vermont to begin filming "The Old Mill."
    William H. Macy (Fargo, Boogie Nights) plays the director of this film within a film. He is not only the director but also confessor, confidant, mother, tyrant - whatever is needed to get the movie made. He isn't a liar, but rather has "a gift for fiction."
    Another excellent ensemble cast has been assembled for State and Main. The always-excellent Philip Seymour Hoffman plays the gentle and somewhat befuddled screenwriter who falls in love with Rebecca Pidgeon, owner of the local bookstore. She's engaged to a local lawyer, but falls in love with the screenwriter when he asks her for advice, and she actually forgets her fiancéís name when she attempts to introduce the two men.
    Charles Durning and Patti LuPone play the town mayor and his wife, who plan a dinner for the visiting dignitaries. Of course, things never happen as they 'should' and comedy ensues.
    Sarah Jessica Parker plays the female lead who has found God and suddenly refuses to bear her breasts for the film (well, maybe for an additional $800,000) and Julia Stiles is an underage nymphet who wreaks havoc when her dalliance with Alec Baldwin is discovered.
In typical Mamet fashion, there are lots of cynical one-liners to be found throughout this movie, but somehow, by the end of the movie, we feel we've seen a smiling, kind vision of movie making and movie folks.
    A messy car crash, attempted extortion, the "Old Mill" of the title of the film - well, ok the old mill was actually destroyed in 1960. How about an "Old Fire Station" instead, including itsí priceless stained glass window? Any room for product placement? Cynical, funny and true.
    Vanity, pettiness, kindness, goodness and love all find their places in State and Main. If you want to smile during these dark winter months, check out State and Main.


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