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"Sexy Beast"
By Mira Harber
   Who comes to mind as the definition of ‘saintly’ when it comes to actors? More to the point, who plays saintly men extraordinarily well? Last hint - this actor won an Oscar for Gandi, and he was the soulfull accountant in Schindler’s List. Give up? The answer is the wonderful British actor Ben
   In Sexy Beast he plays the dreaded Don Logan - a loose canon, a vile,  thoroughly nasty, London gangster who descends upon some former ‘colleagues’ now living in Spain. Don has an offer they can’t, or if he has anything to say about it, won’t ever, never,ever consider refusing.  Don has come to see Gal (Ray Winstone).
   Gal is a retired gangster, gone more than a little soft, whose main occupation nowadays appears to be getting an even tan and spending time with his wife DeeDee (Amanda Redman) who is also retired. Her line of work was equally unconventional - she was once a porn star, and still has fan clubs that meet regularly in her honor.
   The movie opens with Gal baking his beefy, decidedly not-buff body by the pool. You can feel the sun beating down on him, and the heat is absolutely sweltering, when suddenly the silence is broken by a gigantic boulder hurtling down a hill. It narrowly misses Gal and ends up in his pool.
   Don is the human version of the boulder. He’s one of those men who are ramrod straight in their posture, and totally out-of-control emotionally. As he shouts, his face turns red, a vein appears in his forehead, and he spits in anger at the poor soul unfortunate enough to be the object of his attention.
   Don wants Gal to come out of retirement to do ‘one last job’. Neither Gal nor his wife want him to do the job, but that is meaningless to Don. He is relentless and woe to anyone who defies him. His boss Teddy is played by the suave, cold, cold, cold Ian McShane. He meets the CEO (James Fox) of a super-high security bank that abuts a Turkish bath. Teddy’s idea is to rob the bank, and Don’s job is to assemble the dream team to rob the bank. 
   I won’t tell you any more of the plot but let me just say that this movie should be required viewing for anyone who is considering a career in organized crime. These British criminals are not glamorized - their lives are seedy and hard, and they are tough - so tough that you get the feeling they could eat the Soprano’s for lunch!
   If you want to see the best villain in recent memory, Sexy Beast is for you. It’s not pretty, but Don is such a great bad guy that days later, I’m still scared, just thinking about him.


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