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"Oceanís 11"
By Mira Harber
   Steven Sodeburg - shame on you. And shame on the 11 Ďstarsí who went to Las Vegas for a holiday and wasted our time making Oceanís 11  - a useless C- movie that supposedly passes as entertainment. Iím not happy. I wasted a couple of hours of my life watching this rubbish.  Yuk -  this movie was such a waste of time that Iím hating even spending any time writing about I - itís just not worth the ink. 
   Oceanís 11 exemplifies the worst in American cinema - it is totally slick & cynical - letís watch the Ďcoolí guys being cool and having fun, and pay them for it. Itís like eating a loaf of white bread - a whole lot of nothing.
   The Ďinspirationí, ha, for this movie, was taken from a useless 60ís flick featuring Frank Sinatra & the Rat Pack in the title roles.  Why anyone would waste their energies doing a re-make of such a bad movie can only be explained by greedy studio execís - who can fathom the depths to which their minds descend?
   I wouldnít even rent this movie if I was stranded on a desert island - go read a book, go for a walk, anything but Oceanís 11.


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