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"Mulholland Drive"
By Mira Harber
   Before you read this review, you need to know that up until now, I considered myself a David Lynch fan - I really liked Twin Peaks, and thought Blue Velvet was a fascinating movie. That said, I went into the theater to see Mulholland Dr. with great anticipation. If you are one of those people who believe that if you canít say anything nice, donít say anything at all, then stop reading this review. As I left the theater, my first thought was ďI want that 2 1/2 hours of my life back. What a waste of timeĒ.
   Once youíve seen some of David Lynchís work, you are familiar with some of the themes - the elusive, mysterious characters and his use of color - deep, deep blue (as in Blue Velvet) and crimson red. OK - Iíve seen it all before, so youíd better make it different enough to make it pretty darn interesting, or why bother?
   The movie begins promisingly enough with a beautiful woman, car crash, lots of $$$ in the now amnesiac womanís purse, a dewy-eyed ingenue, Hollywood stereotypes galore - the Ďindependentí director, the sleazy leading man, menacing money-men & slime ball criminals. Sounds pretty good on paper, doesnít it?
   Iíve read some reviews that compare this movie favorably with Memento. Donít kid yourself - that movie leaves this one in the dust. I donít want to give too much away regarding the plot because that will spoil Mulholland Dr. for you. Suffice it to say that it has a dreamlike, baffling quality that works quite well in some spots and is just plain irritating in others.
   It felt as if David Lynch thought he might not get another chance at a film (this movie was originally intended as a television series - even HBO wouldnít take it on) and so Mr.Lynch just stuck all of his ideas, coherent or not, in keeping with the plot, or not, and mixed them all up together. It doesnít work.
   Mulholland Drive reminds me of a lot of the rubbish that weíre inflicted with on MTV - nonsensical videos that weíre supposed to import meaning to, when really itís a case of the Emporerís New Clothes. 
   If youíve got a few hours of your life that you donít mind losing, are interested in seeing some lesbian love-making and think that David Lynch is profound, Mulholland Drive is for you. Iíd rather stay home and rent Memento. AGAIN.


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