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"Monsoon Wedding"
By Mira Harber

     If you have friends who are wary of seeing a foreign film, then Monsoon Wedding is definitely THE film that they should see. It will open up their eyes to the delight of another world that really isn't so different from our own, even though it takes place on the other side of the planet .
     Director Mira Nair tells a story of an arranged marriage, still not considered an oddity in modern day India. The bride-to-be Aditi is marrying a total stranger for a variety of reasons (including because it's time, she' s bored with her life, she wants to be independent, away from the family - sound familiar?), even though she is having an affair with a married TV host. Her groom-to-be Hemant is currently a computer programmer living in Houston. Will the potential spouses hit it off? Will they like, and eventually learn to love each other? This is the background story that plays out during the rest of the movie.
     The father of the bride wants to do the right thing, invite all the 'right' people, wants his daugher to be happy, and not wildly overspend on the perfect wedding. He may even be in a spot of trouble when it comes to money. Of course there is always the rich relative from the more distanct side of the family who will be at the wedding. There are lots and lots of family secrets, some not so savory.
     Monsoon Wedding is very reminiscent of a Robert Altman movie,  with lots of interesting/sad/conflicted characters in interweaving and interlocking stories.
     There is the frantic wedding planner P.K.Dude, always looking to cut corners, make himself the best deal & most money - even slightly sleazy. He himself is unmarried, and during the planning of this wedding he falls head-over-heels in love with the beautiful maid Alice. Will she return his love?.
     The photography is gorgeous and vibrant- the screen comes brilliantly alive with color, reflecting all the life that is barely contained on the screen. The music, singing and dancing (Bollywood at its best) at the wedding and throughout the film are delightful. 
     Monsoon Wedding is beautifully acted and is a heartfelt delight. The whole movie just vibrated with life and I almost wished I could be a part of the wedding.
     If you're tired of waiting for the good weather to come, and want to bring a smile to your face and some warmth to your heart, run, don't walk, to see Monsoon Wedding.


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