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"Meet the Parents"
By Mira Harber
   I hated, hated, hated this movie.
   Meet the Parents is the kind of film for people who think that smashing a wedding cake into the bride's face is funny. It is mean spirited and excruciating throughout. I spent practically the entire movie cringing at the ugliness of spirit and meanness that I saw on-screen.
   Ben Stiller stars as a young man who is about to ask his girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage. Robert DeNiro plays the DYSFUNCTIONAL dad - I don't know if he's just bought a new house, is going through a divorce or what, but whatever possessed him to star in a dreadful film like this is beyond me. He is just awful.
Ben Stiller has that chagrined, embarrassed guy thing down pat, but the tortures that he experiences during the weekend from hell, meeting his fiance's family are too nasty to talk about.
   Am I making myself clear? DO NOT go to see this movie at any theater, the Super Saver Cinema, whatever - don't rent it, don't watch it on TV when it finally is on TV - there are many other better ways to spend your time. Read a book, go for a walk, watch TV even, but give this movie a big miss.


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