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"Miss Congeniality"
By Mira Harber
     I admit it, I like Sandra Bullock. There is something goofily charming about her, and that charm radiates all over the screen, regardless of the movie that she's in. She's chosen a bevy of well-known actors to support her in her latest venture, Miss Congeniality. She must've really liked the idea of this movie because she even produced it!
     Ms. Bullock plays an incredibly unattractive, unfeminine FBI agent who goes undergoes a makeover to enter the Miss America pageant. A killer is out to destroy the pageant and kill God knows who. Now, if you can imagine Sandra Bullock as really homely, you've got a lot of imagination, because she is a really beautiful woman. They do a pretty good job of making her look pretty bad in the pre-pageant segment of the film. Michael Caine plays a professional beauty pageant consultant who is responsible for transforming Sandra from a really ugly, crass duckling into a believable Miss America candidate.
    The pageant itself is run by none other than Candice Bergen - a pretty funny case of casting against type, considering her Murphy Brown days. She plays her bright-eyed dominatrix commando with great gusto. William Shatner plays her sidekick, the Bert Parks role, to perfection.
     Typical story, no huge surprises, but because Sandra Bullock is so likeable I somehow came away smiling in spite of myself. If you've got a couple of hours to waste, and you don't want to think too hard - this movie is for you.


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