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By Mira Harber
    Here's a great way to help beat those winter blues. In the tradition of other culinary feasts such as Babette's Feast and Eat, Drink, Man, Woman we now have Chocolat ... This movie is a kind of fairy tale where the battle that takes place is between chocolate and the Church. 
    A woman (Juliet Binoche) and her young daughter arrive in a small, French town during a storm, wearing red cloaks a la Little Red Riding Hood. They open up a chocolate shop, full of irresistible delights. The only problem is that the shop opens up during Lent, when denial and abstinence are supposed to be the key attitudes. The towns principal citizen/bigot (Alfred Molina) plots with a young priest to close the chocolate shop. The local citizenry sneaks into the chocolaterie for these marvelous delights that inspire lust, romance and heavenly satisfaction.
    The battle between the forces is further stirred up when a traveling troop of river rats, led by Johnny Depp as an Irish charmer come to town. Judi Dench and Lena Olin round out this all star cast.
     If you have a few hours to spare and like chocolate (or food) at all, take in Chocolat - it's a real treat.


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