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By Mira Harber

You know that saying "everything that's old is new again?" Well, it's definitely true - the musical is back in a big way. Chicago is an absolutely breathtaking, spectacular musical. The story takes place in Chicago and is simple (we don't want all those fabulous songs distracted by too much story!!)

Two women kill their faithless lovers. Renee Zellweger plays Roxie Hart (she has got to be the sweetest acting/ sweetest face in modern movies) kills her scumy lover and persuades her dimwit husband (John C. Reilly) to pay for her defense. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Velma Kelly  who kills both her husband and sister when she finds them 'inappropriately close' together. Richard Gere plays Billy Flynn a cynical, expensive lawyer who claims that "If Jesus Christ had lived in Chicago and had $5,000 and come to me, things would've turned out differently."

Chicago takes place in what looks like the roaring 20's - newspapers scream lurid headlines and the police, the press and lawyers all look like they have 'arrangements' with one another. It is fast paced, glamorous, corrupt and very exciting.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is fantastic - she seems like she's sprung from the musicals of old. This woman can really sing and dance - she started out as a professional dancer in England, and her opening number "All That Jazz" is worth the price of admission alone. Here is an example of an actress who thinks she is really hot stuff, and guess what? She is!!!

Renee Zellwegger and Richard Gere are both very well cast in their roles. Their singing and dancing are OK, but nothing when compared to Zeta-Jones. (Both Zellwegger and Zeta-Jones have been nominated for Oscars. I predict Zeta-Jones will win a best-supporting, but Zellwegger will lose out to Nicole Kidmans nose in The Hours).
John C. Reilly as Amos Hart, Roxie's cuckolded husband sings and dances a wonderfully sad, pathetic song "Mr. Cellophane". He seems to be in every other movie this year, and has also been nominated for Best Supporting  Actor, which I believe he may  win.

Queen Latifah rounds out the cast as prison matron Mama, and her song "When You're Good to Mama" leaves you in no doubt about who Mama is and what it takes to make her happy.

Chicago is big, glamorous and cynical. If you want a couple hours of glitzy fun don't miss it.


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