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Catch Me If You Can
By Mira Harber

Catch Me If You Can is based on the true-story by Frank Abagnale, who successfully posed as a Pan-Am pilot for several years, an Assistant District Attorney, a Sociology professor and Medical Doctor. He also wrote about two and one-half million dollars in bogus checks - and he did this all before he was 21!!!!!!! True story. This is the ultimate American story - you can be anything you want to be, taken to its ultimate extreme. 

Leonardo di Caprio plays the con man/boy hero wonderfully. He is an absolutely believable 16 year-old who metamorphoses into debonair airline pilot simply by donning the clothes and the attitude. Stephen Spielberg directs. The sets and photography are totally fabulous and 60's kitsch to the max. An engaging, cheerful film, Catch Me If You Can is the perfect antidote to the winters gloom.


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