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By Mira Harber

Here's the movie to see if you really want to know what it feels like when Bill Murray says "I've been slimed". Auto-Focus is about the sleazy life and grimy descent towards death of Hogan's Heroes TV star Bob Crane. We first meet Bob (Greg Kinnear) the family man, happily married, father of three, working in radio, when he wins the lead role in Hogan's Heroes. Being star of a hit TV series is like nothing he'd experienced.  There are all kinds of new people to meet, including John Carpenter, a techno/gizmo wizard (for his time) a desperate, hipster wannabee, played with relish by Willem DeFoe who encourages, incites and joins Crane onto a drug addled, sex obsessed road that ends in Cranes bloody, unsolved death/murder.

Their respective roles are played to perfection, and I found the movie absorbing, but so distasteful that I could hardly wait to go home and take a shower. Was it true? Yes, probably. Did I feel enlightened or sympathetic? Hardly - watching two men masturbate together  (or should I say side by side) as they watch hidden videos of themselves having sex with numerous women - yuk. The period décor is perfect. Kinnear is brilliant in his portrayal but ultimately I have to ask myself 'What's the point?' Wait for it on cable.


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