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"American Psycho"
By Mira Harber
    "American Psycho" is without a doubt one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's almost as bad as Showgirls, but at least that movie made you laugh. If you missed this film when it first came out, bravo, good thinking!! I was attacked by a strong case of AIR CONDITIONING with a movie, on this hot, first weekend of summer. The movie that came with the air conditioning happened to be American Psycho - I think I would have been better off staying home and sweating. 
    Our hero? is a 1980's souless, master-of-the-universe, uber-yuppie type, slickly played by Christian Bale. We never come to empathize with him, or ever really understand him. The only thing is we do understand is that he's out of control. More to the point, we never care about him, we're not emotionally involved with him. He's a freak, and who cares? This is the basic problem with this film - not that he's a misogynistic nutcase, and all his neanderthal Wall Street friends are emotionally stunted adolescents -  we just don't care. When a movie about a psychopathic, serial killer, who keeps heads in the freezer, kills over-achieving co-workers and we still manage to be bored - well, this is bad.  I couldn't wait for the movie to be over, not because of all the bad press, and the gore of all that senseless killing - actually, there wasn't TOO much blood.  I just wanted the movie to end.  I was actually hoping I would come to care about the killer, and finally make some sense out of the senseless. I guess that's the profound(?) point of this movie - sometimes there is no explanation for the evil men do. Haven't we seen and heard all this before? Whatever you do this summer to avoid the heat, make sure it doesn't involve American Psycho - there's no excuse to waste two hours of your life like that.


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