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BluesRoot Newsletter for January, 2008

Smile producin’. People pleasin’. Good time rock ‘n roll, rockabilly and blues.
BluesRoot Entertainment P.O. Box 501 Grand Island, NY 14072 (716) 631-2043 (866) 712-1091 fax
A personal note from the RootMaster
Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that 2008 brings you much joy, happiness, prosperity and good health. I also want to thank everyone for the support you’ve given BluesRoot once again in 2007. Your interest, words of encouragement, and attendance at our shows is truly appreciated. And, I want to express a special thanks to all of our show sponsors and partners. You make it possible to take the BluesRoot brand of Smile producin’. People pleasin’. Good time music. to all the great places where folks gather to have a good time. Thanks.

What a cool summer full of cool gigs!
Amusement parks, baseball parks, civic events, fund raisers, festivals and private parties all were home to “da Root” this past summer and we certainly enjoyed performing, but it was even more enjoyable meeting, and making, a whole lot of new friends in the process.

New look at
Take an online stroll over to the home of “da Root” and check out the new site. I’ve given the site more than a facelift and traffic has increased along with the new look. Will see about 250.000 folks drop by during 2007. But, I’m not done yet…a lot more interactive features
are on tap for 2008 to include: new podcasts (RootRadio), video to video live calling, video messenging, and some live BluesRoot vidcasts. Also will be revamping the clothing store with a new cool tee! Keep checking and tell your friends to stop at too.

New look at our other music websites too. is all about that turbulent era with the focus on the music of course. I’ve now loaded the site with great old videos of the early stars of rock ‘n roll, the ‘60’s greats, blues legends and BluesRoot. Each kind of music has its own video jukebox. In addition
there’s footage of old commercials, television shows and movies too. Of course there’s a lot more, but you’ve got to see it for yourself. This site pulled in over 620,000 visitors in 2007. will be changing into a full fledged site dedicated to helping musicians get seen and heard. That effort will get a boost from a new website that is still in development, Have developed a news contact (e mail
address) database of over 20,000 newspaper, broadcast and online journalists around both the US and Canada. Will offer low cost, instant news release distribution to about 8.000 for music (more for other businesses, since this is not just for the music biz.) Cost will be a few
cents per contact, saving folks hundreds or thousands of dollars in mailing alone! and have both seen handsome traffic increases matching the growing listenership on both streaming radio stations (BluesRoot Radio and BuffaloTraxRadio). You can access the stations right from the websites.

New BluesRoot originals are on the way.
In the midst of laying down scratch tracks and getting copyrights squared away from 13 new tunes that will appear on a new CD in 2008. Little more blues country feel to the new tunes.

2008 show schedule in the works
Getting anxious to start gigging! Lots of new material and more dates on the way. Once again we’ll be hitting some sporting events, fairs, festivals, community events and amusement parks. But, we still have a lot of time to play your fundraiser or special affair. Just email us at and we’ll go from there. We want to be your entertainment choice.

More flexible lineups coming in 2008

The core for BluesRoot will always be myself, the RootMaster, and lead guitar sidekick Art Borgeson, but I want to make sure we can meet your budget requirements around the country as well…since travel can get costly. So our material has been rearranged to fit Art and I as a duo. Art and I plus either a harp player or bass guitar player as a trio, or all of us a four piece. In addition, I have put together a legends of songwriter series to perform as a solo at more intimate gatherings, or in cases where a local backing band can play the Root tunes. So, now there’s no excuse. Duo, trio, four piece or solo…book BluesRoot at , or by calling (716) 631-2023

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