Monday, November 12, 2007

Kingdom Bound's CityFest Celebrates 20th Year Nov. 17th

Buffalo, N.Y. (November 12, 2007) – CityFest, an annual day-long concert event taking place in downtown Buffalo, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year with an entirely new line-up of artists and speakers on Saturday, November 17. To accommodate the hundreds of young people expected to attend, CityFest will take place from 1 – 9pm at the downtown Buffalo Christian Center, 512 Pearl St., in Buffalo, behind Studio Arena. Doors open at 12:30pm. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.

According to spokesman Mark Weber, of, CityFest is sponsored by Kingdom Bound Ministries of Williamsville. Kingdom Bound is best known for its annual Christian music festival held each August at Darien Lake.

“CityFest is kind of like Kingdom Bound for the city of Buffalo,” says Weber. “It's a chance for anyone and everyone to come out for a day of intense Gospel hip-hop and reggae music with an urban flavor. Best of all, it's free, so lots of families find it's a great way to spend time together in a family-friendly environment, listening to music with positive messages.”

CityFest will feature music from a variety of urban artists, including Dunamis, a Jamaican reggae artist; Imagen, a Puerto Rican reggaeton artist; Mahogany Jones, the Queen of Free-Style; Lil' Dre, a Floridian rapper; and Roxy, a 15-year-old hip-hop prodigy. The day will also feature speaker Moses Aguayo from Rochester.

Rapper Michael Peace, the event organizer, encourages everyone in Buffalo and its surrounding suburbs to check out CityFest, noting that it's “highly energetic and youthful.”

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