Friday, October 26, 2007

Music in the Night with Frightworld

Frightworld America’s Screampark wants to end the Halloween season with a bang as they promote not one, but two free concerts to anyone who would like to come attend their haunted attraction. Both Styles P and MIMS will be in concert on two separate nights, performing on stage in the center of Frightworld’s five distinctively unique haunted attractions.

Styles P is an American based rapper and a member of Hip Hop group D-Block, which includes Jadakiss, and Sheek Louch. He will hold a free concert at Frightworld America's Screampark on Tuesday, October 30th with a paid admission to the haunted attractions. This will be an early concert as Frightworld will open its lobby at 5:30 and will hold the concert before any of the attractions will be available to the public.

MIMS will appear on Friday, November, 2nd for an all-night dance party at Frightworld. MIMS released his debut album, Music Is My Savior , powered by the success of the massive single "This Is Why I'm Hot". The album has endured savage reviews to the tune of 270,000 copies sold so far in the U.S.

Frightworld America’s Screampark will put MIMS on stage after an all-night live performance by Nicholas Picholas of Kiss98.5. Once again, this is a free concert with a full-price paid admission to Frightworld’s five houses of terror; only twenty dollars for all of this in one night.

Back on October 14th, Frightworld had brought Kat DeLuna to a highly successful concert with Innocent Bystanders opening for her that night. People swarmed the stage as both groups performed in the midst of the five haunted attractions. With the huge success of this concert, Frightworld knew it wanted to do this again for their public, and soon.

Now in their sixth year, Frightworld America’s Screampark has frightened over 100,000 people since their incarnation. With roots grown in the outskirts of Buffalo, Frightworld is one of the highest ranked haunted attractions in the western half of New York State. Voted as one of the best attractions in the past two years, Frightworld is growing in size as well as in terror.

In the Garden Village of Cheektowaga, at the corners of Union and French roads, Frightworld has expanded beyond everyone’s dreams. Five distinctively different themed houses, three major concert events in one year, and a fan base that extends to Montreal and Kentucky, Niagara Falls to New York City, Frightworld America’s Screampark is a major destination for people across the country for the Halloween season. For more info please visit

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