Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The pressures of our modern-day society often times leave our youth facing very difficult and unfair challenges. I am honored to introduce a professional non-profit company with a goal of helping young individuals face these everyday challenges and to help encourage their lives toward a brighter future! Our Mission is to counteract the deteriorating condition of the youth generation through the impact potential of drama, music and dance and aid in the moral development of the community.

We auditioned over 80 teenagers and young adults last November and have been working with our cast for the last 5 months. The performance is incredible with a cast of 38 young people from the Buffalo region between the ages of 12-23! Our Web site:

Our opening season performance, A Second Chance is on Sunday, June 3rd at 3:30 p.m. at the Cheektowaga Central High School, 3600 Union Road. The performance is an impactful (true-life) teenage production about the challenges that the teen generation faces in today’s world. We speak truth through theatrics!

Our Artistic Director, Stacy Zawadzki-Janusz is one of the most credible choreographers in New York State and has an impressive list of awards that she has accumulated throughout her career. Our Acting Director, Kathryn Chesley has taught and directed youth theatrics for over 30 years. Their combined experience has given us an incredible advantage!

Our troupe will travel to schools, theaters, churches, community events, youth conferences and camps throughout Western New York and beyond.

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