Monday, March 12, 2007

Singer/Songwriter Leah Zicari releases DVD

Buffalo DVD Release performance at Nietzsche’s

Rochester, NY – To celebrate the release of her new DVD, Bootlegged – A 20-Year Retrospective , Leah Zicari will give her first performance in Buffalo in over three years when she appears as one of the guest performers at the next “A Circle Of Friends” songwriter showcase at Nietzsche’s, 248 Allen St., Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 8:00 p.m.

Bootlegged – A 20-Year Retrospective is a montage of photos, videos, television appearances and interviews spanning the past 20 years of Leah's career. From her 1986 classical guitar performance at her father's memorial concert to her 2005 opening act performance for comedienne Suzanne Westenhoefer, this DVD compiles a well-rounded variety of delightful material that takes you through the many facets of Leah's experiences as a performer. The viewer accompanies her on her journey from her early days of performing primarily in the GLBT circuit to the latter years of her career performing on the Indie singer/songwriter scene.

The DVD begins with a photo montage underscored by her song "This Is Me" (from her 2004 Pretty on Thursday CD) which sets the tone for the woman you are about to meet. Again. In it the viewer is taken through a myriad of emotions through the honest telling of her songs and her self-deprecating humor. Among the tidbits you will find Leah performing in an empty café wearing a nun's veil superimposed with video clips from Toronto's Dykes on Bikes, a revised version of her song "I Wanna Be Wrong", and a performance of the as yet unreleased song "Safe Hands". There is also a chapter called "Extras" with random clips that didn't quite fit the main chapter. And you’ll recognize several Buffalo artists, musicians and media personalities in these clips.

The DVD was conceived and produced by Rochester artist Joy Argento. Her seamless and clever treatment of the material makes for a viewing experience that will surprise and entertain all viewers, even if they are not familiar with Leah's complete oeuvre. Before it was even released, the DVD won the distinction of "Favorite Film" at the 2006 Pride In The Arts Festival. Whether you've followed Leah's career from the beginning or have only recently become a fan, this DVD will entertain and move you from beginning to end. said this: “ Bootlegged proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that [Leah] has always had "it" and that it is we who are missing the boat, not vice versa.”

Here’s what one viewer had to say: "It was lovely to see the woman behind such a beautiful voice. Never has a singer evoked such powerful emotions within me!" -Selyna Malinky, author (United Kingdom)

For information on the Nietzsche’s show, call (716) 886-8539.

For additional information and photo images:
Guitarlily Music
1029 Summitville Dr.Webster, New York
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