Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hit N Run - This Friday (6/16) the Beer Tent Tour 2006 continues.

• This Friday (6/16) the Beer Tent Tour 2006 continues. Hit N Run will be at The NTC (NorthTonawanda Carnival) function. This is located offNiagara Falls Blvd before Melody Fair. It is at the StAlbert Church (Melody Lane), just in front of theWurlitzer building. It is a free show that is open forthe whole family and 5 minutes from the BoulevardMall. Bring the kids, family and neighbors. Start timeis 8pm. There are rides, games, food and music in atent by Hit n Run.
• Then on Saturday (6/17) Hit N Run will be at aprivate party for the Grand Island (River Oaks) partyat 7pm. There are typically a few hundred people hereand a lot of boating action. Sorry, but if you want tosee HNR this week, you have to do it Friday.

• Next Wednesday, American Brass featuring MarkValentino and Bruce Decker of Hit n Run, will beperforming at the Grand Opening Ceremony for theHarbor Series, concerts on the canal in NorthTonawanda. Rick Falkowski has done a great job makingthis the place to be on Wednesdays in the summer. Itis a free outdoor show that is right on the river andall ages are welcome. American Brass is a 9 pc bandwith a horn section that also has the amazing vocalsor Bernadette Trinca. Lots of dance music and a widevariety of music from swing, to rock, to disco.
For information on schedules, songs, pictures oradditional information on Hit N Run, If you would like to be removed fromthis email list, please send back an email with removein the subject header.

I hope to see all our friends at some point this week. Mark Valentino

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