Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hit N Run’s 16th year anniversary

• This Friday (4/7) Hit N Run will be at Macaroons.Last year (our 15th anniversary party weekend) was ablast with about 20 talented musicians showing up andjoining us on stage for a great time. The club islocated at the Dick and George Urban corner, 2 minutesfrom the Galleria Mall. Start time is 11, but I amtold we might be starting a little earlier thannormal, if we have our typical Hit n Run crowd. Hit NRun will be giving out free T-Shirts.
• Saturday (4/8), HNR will be at Club Paradise.Awesome club with lots of room to dance. This islocated in the Clarion Hotel (formerly McKinley Inn)on McKinley, just South of the mall and North ofSouthwestern. Start time is 10:30.
Since starting Hit n Run, over 16 years ago, I havehad the privilege to perform along side many (over 20different) talented musicians. They have allcontributed to making Hit n Run one of the best knownbands in the area.
Hit N Run is currently:Ken Wilczak (Lead Guitarist) Former Top Guitar Awardswinner, so many times they put him in the Buffalo RockN Roll Hall of Fame.Bob Wilczak (Lead Guitarist) Former Top Guitar Playerwinner.Bruce Decker (Keys, Harmonica, horns) Nominated TopKeyboardist, numerous times.Pat Brayman (Drums) Nominated Top Drummer, numeroustimes.Mike Schill (Bass) Nominated Top Bassist, numeroustimes.And myself…the hack of the group. LOL
I would like to take the time to name and thank a fewof the many talented musicians that have performedover two years straight with Hit n Run and have stoodout:Drums, Jim (Thumper) Gleason, Frank Vito and DavePrincipale. Bass, Tommy Herr, Dave Mucha, Marylin Ulicki, LewReczek and Rik Stave. Keys, Joe “Momma” Betts, Joe Girardi, Pat Annunziataand Renee Harris. Guitars, Jeff Kocher, Mark Ricci, Don Drakulich, MikeWisto, Kevin Stefanski and Jeff Jess.
I would also like to thank some people that havefilled in for us through the years. You can’t gothrough 16 years, without some getting sick, having ababy, or some type of last minute emergency. Thisgroup of individuals have been just as good friendsthrough the years, as they are talented:Frank Pusiteri (Bass), Mike McGuire (Keys and Vocals), Tony Scozzaro (Guitar), Ron Rocco (Drums), Al Hurry(Drums), Dustin Knapp (Keys), Jenna Paris (Vocals) &Kelly Wahl (Vocals)
Thanks to the many clubs and functions that ARE KINDENOUGH to offer us a place to play, and the promoters(Frank Sansone, Tom Barone, Dave Buffamonte, MikeRozniak, Rick Falkowski, Ed Honeck, Dave Koster andTom McGill) for their help through the years. But mostof all… thanks to our friends. Hit n Run, through allthe years has always had the best and most loyalfriends in the world. Your support is what keeps usgoing each week. It makes music FUN, not a job. Whereelse can I get to do something I love and share itwith a few hundred to a few thousand of my friendsevery night. Thank you sincerely.
For information on schedules, songs, pictures oradditional information on Hit N Run, If you would like to be removed fromthis email list, please send back an email with removein the subject header.
I hope to see all our friends at some point this week.Mark Valentino

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